The Rookies made their debut before Pioners (Thorsten Lux)

The next weekend will be held the second day of the LNFA Female. The role will be for the current champions, Barberà Rookies, who will debut in his feud against L’hospitalet Pioners. The clash will be played on Saturday at the Complex Esportiu Can Llobet from 4 in the afternoon and you will see in action the great dominating football women’s national.

With six league titles and seven cups in their trophy cabinet, Rookies are a more season the big favorite to win the title and the rivals to beat. L’hospitalet Pioners, which fell on the first day against Búfals (14-6), got the last year a commendable third place, with 50% of victories (4-4 balance sheet), and this season will try to repeat or improve those numbers.

The other match of the day will Badalona Dracs and Barcelona Búfals in the Municipal area of Montigalà, the Sunday at 13.30 h. The of Badalona, in his third season after returning to the LNFA Female, want to continue to grow to start to collect the fruits of the work done in recent years. Dracs had a debut complicated before the runners-up, Terrassa Reds, to be replaced by 44-6. Búfals, for its part, will seek his second win after they beat Pioners on the opening day. Terrassa Reds have rest this weekend.

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