The Complex Esportiu Can Llobet Barberà del Vallès will be the scene this Saturday the 26th of may the grand final of the LNFA Female (16.30 h), which will face Barberà Rookies, current champions, and Barcelona Búfals. It will be the third final between the two teams, who already met in the match for the title in 2014 and 2016. On both occasions, the win was for Rookies, that is the great master of the competitions of women in our country. The set of Barberà has six leagues in their display cases, and only in the LNFA Female 2015 Las Rozas Black Demons could break its reign.

The players that leads Marcelo Yaks arrive to the final after completing a new season without failure (8-0) and on the paper return to be the clear favorite to add another league to his list of achievements. Sabrina Marques and Alba Left have led the charge of the whole of Barbera, which once more has proved to be an unbeatable team.

Búfals, despite the favoritism of Rookies, will try to break the forecasts to conquer the first LNFA Female of your story. The whole of barcelona, second in the table this season with a record of 5-3, failed to get the crown in 2014, when the Rookies defeated him by 21-12, and the story was repeated in 2016, with a new end loss (12-46) to the de Barberà. The team directed by Vito Rodriguez will try the third time lucky and a great part of their options will go through the performance of Allison Rodriguez. Occupying the position of “quarterback”, the player Búfals has been erected on the highest top scorer of his team and his leadership is key to Búfals.

This season Barberà Rookies and Barcelona Búfals have met on two occasions during the regular season. In the first round of the de Barberà is imposed in fief of the barcelona by 12-25 and in the clash played in Can Llobet, the last precedent, Rookies returned to winning 39-12.

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