The Rookies continue adding titles (tia fefa)

The women’s league remains the property of Rookies. The set of Barberà of the Vallès they successfully defended the title against Barcelona Búfals (27-6) and conquered its seventh league title, the third in a consecutive way. As already happened in 2014 and 2016, Barcelona Búfals had to settle with the runner-up position, but it was a great game and planted face until the last quarter. The meeting came the decisive stretch with all by deciding (7-6), but in the final sprint to the Rookies sentenced with a partial 20-0. Sabrina Marques, who scored one of the “touchdowns” of Rookies, was selected as the MVP of the final, held at the Complex Esportiu Can Llobet Barberà del Vallès.

The beginning of the end was fast-paced, and in the first attack Búfals surprised with a great play of his “quarterback” Allison Rodriguez, who after crossing several placajes scored a spectacular race to the “end-zone” (0-6). Rookies, though to fit that first hit, he answered immediately, in his first turn offensive. The QB Monica Rafecas drove to his right and connected with Marques to give back to the game, as Rookies themselves became the “extra-point” (7-6), annotated by Nerea Villar.

Equality continued in the second quarter, where the defenses were imposed to the attacks. None of the two teams managed to move the marker and came to rest with the minimal advantage for the players of Marcelo Yaks. The uncertainty in the result was maintained after the break. Búfals sought to move the ball betting almost always in the careers of Rodriguez, while Rookies alternated over the air game to the ground. The current champions began to trace their victory at the end of the third quarter, when they managed to get closer to the “end-zone” and stood with the first “down” and goal. A golden opportunity not to missed. Alba Left, on the first play of the final period, scored the second touchdown for Rookies with a career and lay the 14-6.

Búfals, despite this blow, did not surrender and continued fighting, but had to start to risk to try to climb the end. The players of Vito Rodriguez played a fourth “down” in your own field that did not come to fruition and that allowed Rookies to retrieve the ball in a great field position and score another “touchdown”. Of new Left put a 21-6 that was conclusive, in a final match where the champions dominated the game result of the exhaustion of the barcelona. In the bars final, Rafecas connected with Patricia Arilla to set the final 27-6.

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