A little over a week for the grand final of the LNFA Series NFLhispano.com he has had the opportunity to speak with Oscar Calatayud, HC Badalona Dracs, and with Alejandro Sotomayor, its counterpart in the Murcia Cobras. For the first is will be the eighth end to lead from the band, for the second will be his debut in a match for the championship of the maximum category.

Arrived already at the end of the season, and in the absence of defining the championship, what assessment do you make of the path that leads up to the moment your team in the course 2017-18?What is the computer you where looking for when trabajabais in the preseason?

Alejandro Sotomayor (AS): I can Not say anything other than that we are very satisfied by the season. Particularly, I would like to highlight the work of all the staff and of course the staff that takes the entire year working very hard. Precisely now, at the end, which is when most feeble forces, staff and players we have to make a good scout and be extremely effective in the preparation of the party. To prepare for a match against a team of the caliber of Dracs two weeks will never be enough, we have to squeeze minutes on the clock and work to be as prepared as possible.

Oscar Calatayud (OC): Do until the time a positive assessment, we have won all the national parties until the time and one of the of EFL. The defeat against Milan was painful and a little disappointing given the weather situation of the party. The team that we have is that we design in pre-season, we are quite happy with the evolution.

This is the third consecutive final of Dracs and also with a third different opponent, which proves how difficult it is to stay where is the key to this continued success during the last few years?

OC: Uffff complicated answer, I guess to keep the national bloc in sports and getting the right signings. But also in maintaining the confidence and support of the board, the players, the club in general. Projects are started with great enthusiasm and desire, but our seasons are made eternal and that leads to a fatigue collective difficult to manage. The hard work continued and is the reason most important to our success.

Cobras, however, is a team with an outstanding progression from Series B, which have been the foundation of that growth?

ACE: I Think that we can not hide what we are, a cantera team made up of players trained in the home, and with a solid national base. To that, we have had the good fortune of adding a few imports that in addition to being excellent players, have been implicated greatly in the project I Just see the pictures of Max Malander, our tackle Swedish, crying after the match of semi-finals!

A great job done by Daniel Iniesta, who in addition to Defensive Coordinator has been in charge of the recruitment of the imports and that is very clear which are the intangibles that we like in a player. Has done an excellent job and we are all enjoying.

But this is only the present. Every day is a fight for the future, and there are projects of quarry that we far exceed currently, which has me sincerely worried.

Oscar Calatayud (Dracs)

Both arrive undefeated to the appointment, what would you say about your opponent in the end?Where do you think are your strong points?

ACE: Dracs is well known all over the world. Are the dominator of the Spanish league and the team in which we all seek points of reference and we see each weekend. I think everyone can point to their imports offensive, Brandon Ravenel and Lorenzo Melchiorre, of course, are the two players huge, as some of the best in the league, but beyond them, occupying the chronicles, we have a lot of respect for their offensive line, and other contracts as Mitchell Sanders that seems to us a great player or some other player national as Philip Archilla, who is one of the best in his position. I left a lot of good players by name, of course, in addition to its magnificent staff.

OC: Murcia still in the clear improvement year after year, each time add players to national level and imports are each more productive. It is difficult to know where your strong points because all the lines have great athletes. His defense has maintained a high level throughout the year and above all confidence in difficult times. His attack is consistent and has ability to make big plays at any time and place of the field.

What you have to make your team to win the match?

OC: Work all four quarters, not to slacken in any of them. Keep a cool head and not lose the nerves, Murcia will come with desire and intensity and not going down the arms. I think it will be a very tough match and psychological, there will be crucial moments during the match that will be decisive.

ACE: I’ll tell You after the final. I obviously already told me you’ll be able to answer those heights if you think we succeeded or not! ;D

Does the fact of being an “underdog” is an extra motivation for Cobras?

ACE: We like that role. In the first place, for that is just and it would be foolish to say otherwise. But we will jump to the field with few or no complex. We believe that if there is any chance to win Dracs passes by play them with respect, of course, but without any fear of defeat. We will try to play them from you to you, as we did in the semi-final last year. Then we will see what happens.

Dracs by history and history has the tag of favourites, is there a danger that this leads to an excess of confidence on the part of the players?

OC: it Is possible, the staff we’re always very on top of the players at all times so that the trust does not become negative, the demand and the discipline are our pillars more important.

The passage through the EFL has been one of the highlights of the season, and various publications put Dracs in the Top-15 European, is it realistic to start thinking about go and win a european final?What are we missing?

OC: What could have been this year but as you say Xus Fernandez [DC Dracs]: “there is no future in the football Spanish, only present.” ¡¡We are missing a lot of things!!! in all sections of the football national, I think with only this question we can do an interview/debate.

The last two seasons Cobras has already been among the best, and this year it has gotten in the end. The progression is remarkable, do you figure in the near future to think of a european participation in the team?

ACE: of course I would love to see some day to Cobras in european competition, from the band or from the stands, it gives me the same. Obviously, they have to take many circumstances to come to that, but I always tell everyone that I want to listen to in this Club that should be a goal that we have to have well-drawn. I am of the firm opinion that there is always to be ambitious in your goals, but even then the life you put into your site and in the end you can get to where your abilities allow you to, but when you lose the itch to keep improving…

Alejandro Sotomayor (Oscar Constant)

This year tia fefa has changed the system of competition, to end the season, what assessment do you make of the same?

ACE: I have heard many things about the system of competition. It is one of the favorite topics in the corridors of football this year, but I sincerely believe that the people are not orienting well in the discussion. The system of competition in Serie A is changed because the B-Series dies, and the computers that descend from To prefer to leave to play Territorial, and the amount of Series C have many qualms about playing a competition with a cost most high.
In the middle of that picture so negative, everyone seems to agree that it is urgent to implement a patch to try to combine as many teams as possible in national competition to use a system of groups with geographical proximity, which makes the competition much more economical (I think that everyone will agree on that), but to my way of seeing you comment on a failure to definitively abandon the Series B and gets everyone in the same sack, with projects that are at times quite disparate from its history and its development, and it generates a competition with levels excessively different, they do not favor any of those who participated in the same.

OC: My analysis in hindsight is negative, I think that the format has not been favorable for any team. The goals seeking the Federation have not been met in any case. The image has been quite negative and I doubt that next year we get to follow all the teams. It is easy to criticize, especially because I advocated the other model of competition, which had good intentions but that is not enough. I hope they take note and rectify, to err is human and to rectify wise.

The venue for the final has also been a source of controversy, how do you assess this decision?

ACE: Coming from Murcia, it is evident that this is not the place that is most near us, but at this point I do not know the true reasons of organizing in Gijón and therefore I can not assess. The fact that we stay away is not a reason in itself, and when we signed up to the competition, we already knew that this could happen (and what filmábamos).
I think the variable that we measure to know if it is a good idea to organize this way will be the assistance to the field. In the past year, with the end in Reus (remember that the final was also requested long before knowing who would be the finalists) we could see some stands with a lot of audience. We will try to charter a bus of supporters to Gijón, but since then I am convinced that we could have brought many more people to be closer and I would imagine that the same thing will happen to the Dracs.
I hope to see the stands filled for the good of our sport. If we are not able to fill the day of the final we have a problem. Day two we will leave doubts and of course I hope that we can enjoy a great atmosphere.

OC: For me everything that is not play in Badalona is wrong! So my opinion is not very valid. Even I don’t understand the reason or the main objective to do so in Gijon. I seem to remember that ten years ago they did and the information that I have is not that it has helped to the improvement of football in the area. Another type of initiatives by the federation, I think that would be more productive for the area and less expenditure for equipment. Hope I’m wrong and that the football in Asturias to increase from now on after the show that will give the two teams in the final!

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