Huge end of the LNFA Serie A between Murcia Cobras and Badalona Dracs, who gave a great show at the Sports Complex Las Mestas, Gijon with excitement until the last second. The Badalona ended up conquering a new league title, the third in a row and the ninth of his story, although to achieve this they had to star in a spectacular comeback in the second part. Cobras, that was a great match and he was chasing his first victory, came to dominate by a clear 26-7 in the third quarter, but ended up succumbing to the thrust of the set of Oscar Calatayud, who never gave up despite going to tow on the scoreboard and ended up imposing by 26-33.

The american Dracs Lorenzo Melchiorre, author of three “touchdowns”, took the award for MVP of the match. In the set badalonés also shined the other american, Brandon Ravenel (TD) and the “quarterback” Sergi Gonzalo, who threw three passes of annotation. In Cobras, Alex Holmes scored two TD, two pass from QB Jordan Perry. Also scored a TD of career, Andrés Cánovas.

The first half was dominated with authority by Murcia Cobras, which surprised a few Dracs that, despite starting with an interception of Alex Gonzalez Posito, walked not anything fine. The Badalona is not rentabilizaron in the marker for that change of possession and gradually ceded the domain to a few Cobras much more toned. After a first quarter scoreless, the team from murcia opened the scoring with a “field-goal” transformed by Francisco Javier Martinez (3-0). Dracs immediately responded with a pass TD’s “quarterback” Sergi Gonzalo to Lorenzo Melchiorre (3-7), but it was an isolated action, as it was Cobras who was dominating the game.

Lorenzo Melchiorre, MVP of the match (Lola Morales)

The fruit of that domain students of the Alexander Sotomayor went into the break with a clear advantage to 19-7. The connection Perry-Holmes placed the 10-7, and shortly after was the defense of murcia that scored two more points with a “safety”, after a “sack” to Gonzalo in his own “end zone” (12-7). The gale abruptly in the second quarter was closed with a race for the center of Cánovas, shortly before the intermediate (19-7).

On the resumption Murcia Cobras dealt a new blow. Stopped the first offensive of Dracs and when recovered the ball, scored another great “drive” to re-record. Holmes chased another shipment of Perry, very well protected by his offensive line, to locate a 26-7 seemed to get back on track the end for the players of Sotomayor.

There, however, Dracs pulled out his pride champion and he ended up giving the back to the meeting. The defense badalonesa found the key to start problems on the offensive in murcia, up until the time very comfortable, and the appearance in attack of its stars, Ravenel and Melchiorre, ended up changing the sign of the party. The two americans, to pass from Gonzalo, scored two “touchdowns” tournaments that were key to start to put in doubt the domain of murcia (20-26).

Already in the last quarter, after an interception by team, came another decisive action. Cobras attempted a “field-goal” distant and the kick was very short. Brandon Ravenel caught the oval and returned to the “end zone” rival after touring all over the field. Cobras was able to block the “extra-point” (26-26), but the advantage lost on the scoreboard began to weigh like a stone, especially in the aspect of mind. It’s the opposite Dracs, grown up after having the final very uphill. Those of Badalona, in the following turn attacking Cobras, managed to stop the attack murcia, and 46 seconds from the end ended their spectacular comeback with a new “touchdown” career of Lorenzo Melchiorre.

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