The four best teams of the season will look this weekend for the ticket to the grand final on Saturday 2 June in Gijón. Murcia Cobras will look to LG OLED Las Rozas Black Demons, while Badalona Dracs, current champion, will play the lead in a duel of historical of our “football” to Bears Rivas.

Cobras and Black Demons will play the first semifinal this Saturday at the Estadio José Barnés de Murcia, from 5 pm, live and exclusive for LaLiga4Sports. The set murciano arrives at the appointment as leader undefeated regular season (8-0) and comes to win with authority in the quarterfinals to Mallorca Voltors (35-14). LG OLED Black Demons, for his part, has only conceded one defeat this year (7-1) and in quarters dumped not without difficulties of Truck drivers (22-12).

The clash between murcia and madrid will face two of the couples most productive in the championship. Jordan Perry and Cory Holmes, on the part of Cobras, and Jason Gaines and Timothy Crenshaw, at Black Demons, they have been a great season and promise to show in the air game. Both teams also have two “runningbacks” high-level, such as José Antonio Sotomayor , and Frameworks of la Mata. Cobras and Black Demons will again see the faces after the face for the last time in 2015, in a tie of “Wildcard” of the Series B. In this clash, also played in Murcia, Black Demons defeated by 14-27.

The other meeting of the semis will be played Sunday in Badalona (11.30 h). Dracs and Bears Rivas will revive their traditional rivalry in a clash where the champions will try to take advantage of the factor field. Dracs has proved intractable up to now, without knowing the defeat, and in the quarter final, she starred in a new show of force passing above Gijón Mariners (78-12). Bears, for their part, reached the semi-finals with a defeat in their locker, during the regular season (7-1), and after suffering in the quarterfinals against Valencia Firebats (20-15). A few minutes from the end the locals were 14-15, but a TD for the american Clinton Greenaway, one of their big stars, avoided the disposal.

Greenaway will be one of the great protagonists of the clash, where you will see them with other of the most crucial players of the competition, the receiver of Dracs Brandon Ravenel. The question is whether madrid will be able to count or not with their QB american Gabe Losada, who was injured against Firebats in the quarterfinals. Bears and Dracs are not faced since the year 2015. The last match between the both teams was also in Badalona and in the semi-finals, with a victory for Dracs (42-6). The shock of this Sunday from the Campo Municipal de Badalona Sud will be able to follow live via streaming in Dracs TV.

On the other hand, Dracs has been to the gates of power play their third european final after the triumph of Milan Seamen before the Thonon Black Panthers in the third round of the EFL’18. The clear triumph trans by 49-3 made sterile the triumph of Catalan in the French territory and will be the whole of Milan, who disputed the final of the European Football League the 9th of June. The rival of Seamen will be known next week, when they face in Germany the local Potsdam Royals and the swiss Calanda Broncos.

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