New shock international for Badalona Dracs, that next Saturday, April 14 place, from six in the evening, their second game of the EFL’18 (European Football League) in Thonon-les-Bains to the local Black Panthers, current runner-up France.

After making his debut three weeks ago against the Italian champions Milano Seamen with a defeat at home by 10 to 23, the catalans need a win in campo gallo, and wait to the final day, where they will face French and transalpine, to see if they have options to be able to reach their third european final.

In the other group, yet to compete in the first day of the EFL’18, are Brussels Tigers (Belgium), Potsdam Royals (Germany) and Calanda Broncos (Switzerland). Belgians and germans face this coming Sunday. The champions of each group will compete in the EuroBowl the 9 of June.

Old familiar and difficult opponent you will Badalona Dracs next Saturday. The team galo already knows what it is to conquer the EFL, defeating in the final of the 2013. Badalona Dracs in exchange, was left with honey on the lips on two occasions (2001 and 2014). However, the only precedent between the two teams, in 2016, ended with a victory black and silver in a spectacular match that ended with the score of 46-41.

This season, the team of the Black Panthers is led by the head coach, frenchman Fabien Ducousso next to the coordinated rdefensivo canadian Maxime Dupuy. After six days, disputed to date in the French League, they got five victories from start of a row, falling for the first time in the last day before another old acquaintance of the fans badalonesa (Molosses). On the set of halle emphasizes the incorporation of the powerful quarterback from the University of Cal, Kyles Boehm. Next to him, the broker of West Virginia, Talir Satterfield-Rowe and defensive Ithaca, Schnayder Termidor, form the trifecta of americans. In addition to the three imports, the Black Panthers also has national players of great quality as the great French rider Stephen Yepmo and account with an old acquaintance of the fans as a former player of Murcia cobras Jonathan Rijo-Estevez.

Dracs comes to the appointment after an immaculate track record national this season, which has already achieved the Cup of Spain, the Catalan Cup and the completion of phase regular the LNFA with a balance of six wins and no defeats. The only defeat of the season was, precisely, on the opening day of the EFL’18, falling in Badalona (barcelona) to Milano Seamen (10 – 23) in a match marked by torrential rain fall on the field of play, making it difficult for the air game of the men of Oscar Calatayud.

The head coach Catalan will count for this match with the usual Sergi Gonzalo, Brandon Ravenel, Edu Morlans, Mitch Sanders, Alex Posito, Raul Cernuda, Philip Archilla, Felipe Martinez, Dani Franco, Lorenzo Melchiorre, Caesar Brugnani, Javi Garcia, Marc Piña, Joan Delgado or Javier Fernández among others.

The expedition badalonesa will sail to Thonon-les-Bains the same Saturday morning and will return to Badalona once finished the meeting, which will take place from six in the evening in the Stadium Joseph-Moynat.

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