Thu. Dec 13th, 2018

David Irving continues to deal with off-the-field issues

Cowboys defensive tackle David Irving has yet to suit up for the Cowboys this season and an ongoing issue could prevent him from contributing to the club going forward, as Brandon George and David Moore of the Dallas Morning News write. Irving is entangled in a custody battle for his daughter and was recently served with a restraining order from the mother of his child.

Irving was served with the temporary restraining order in early October. He did not take kindly to it, and reacted angrily towards the female processor. The defensive tackle yelled at the woman, waived the paperwork in her face, and may have made contact with the processor using the documents. Authorities are investigating the incident and may charge him with “offensive touching,” a misdemeanor.

Irving’s ex-girlfriend Angela Sanchez is seeking full custody of their child and wants the ability to take her daughter back to her home in California. That doesn’t sit well with Irving. Further, he has not been consistently practicing with the team since being reinstated. His Cowboys teammates are understanding, but are also eager to see him rejoin the club.

He’s got to show up,” defensive lineman Tyrone Crawford said. “He’s got to show up to practice to play. He knows that. We know that. It’s obvious you have to know what we’re doing during the week. I feel like when he comes in he’ll get everything he needs to know to get out there on Sunday. “The issues that are going on with David are things that have to be handled, and that’s what he’s doing. He’s handling that. I don’t fault the man for handling what he has to handle as a man.”

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