Wins for Santurtzi Coyotes, Coslada Truckers and Mallorca Voltors in the day today, Sunday.

First win of the season for Santurtzi Coyotes. The basques defeated Santiago Black Ravens on the Sports ground Mikel Trueba (20-0) in a match marked by the state of the pitch, very enfangado by the rain. A factor that hampered a lot of the game of both teams, in a match of attrition where the game land of Coyotes was critical.

The elusive “quarterback” Jagoba Lopez and the runner Ángel González led the home win, that was cemented in the first time. The two of them moved the chains with their careers, and Gonzalez became the three “touchdowns” of the set that trains the “Head Coach” Jesus is White. The first two annotations came in the first quarter, one with a career outside, and the second by the center. The line of Coyotes, did a great job, imposing the galician to open holes for their runners. In the second quarter, a new career outside of Angel Gonzalez was the 18-0. After having failed his first two attempts of “extra point,” Coyotes fumbled the 2-point conversion, which Alvaro Garcia transformed with a large reception desk to pass from Lopez (20-0 at the break).

In the resume the defense of Black Ravens adjusted and managed to stop the basques, no longer anotarían more points. However, in attack the galicians were unable to pierce the strong defense of the of Santurtzi, which won several “sacks”. The team of Santiago de Compostela tried until the end, but not before he got to open his locker.

In Coslada, the third victory of the season for Truckers (3-1), which is consolidated in the second position of group B after Murcia Cobras, leading undefeated (4-0). The set of Coslada beat Valencia Giants after they staged a great second half. The rest was the team of valencia in charge of everything in the marker (6-8), but the step for the changing rooms radically changed the game. The locals pressed the accelerator and ended up winning with authority about Giants with Ralph Pineda as “quarterback” for the second match in a row, in the wake of the low for the injury of Taylor Budd.

The first time was maximum equality. After a first quarter without scoring, came the first two “touchdowns” of the shock. Alejandro Escribano scored for Truckers, while Miguel Martin Saw what he did to a few Giants who, thanks to the 2-point conversion was achieved by Jorge Huete, went into the break ahead (6-8).

It all changed on the resumption, with a smashing partial of 22-0 in the third quarter, with three “touchdowns” of John Joseph Trojan, Emilio Ibáñez and Juan Carlos González (28-8), which resulted lethal to Giants. In the last period the team led by Fernando Guijarro rounded off their victory with two annotations more, of Victor Martin and Trojan, while Pineda scored the second touchdown of Giants (also converted 2 points for Jorge Huete) to leave the scoreboard in the final 42-16.

Henri Laine was a great game (Orcar Quetglas)

Step to the front of the Mallorca Voltors to L’hospitalet Pioners in match of the Group A (39-13). The two teams arrived at the clash with 0-2 of balance and with the need to break the negative momentum and were the balearic islands who came out a winner of the bet. The QB Barry Craig Coffman flashed to the front of the offensive mallorcan, with 4 passes of “touchdown” (TD), in a collision where he debuted the receiver Finnish Henri Laine. The former player of Reus Imperials contributed to the triumph of Voltors with his first TD with the mallorcan.

The team’s Head Coach Juan Serrano always took the lead, ahead by 13-0 in the first compasses of the shock with a pass from Coffman to Victor Rodriguez and a “touchdown” career Junior David Olmedo. An interception to the “quarterback” of Voltors stopped momentarily push of the local and Pioners took that recovery of the ball to reduce distances. The american Khalid Ali, now in office of receiver after starting the season as “quarterback”, was the 13-6 with which closed the first quarter after receiving a good pass from the French Kevin Monplot. The “quarterback” galo signed for the set of l’hospitalet, just before the clash against Dracs, where he made his debut directing some plays at the end of the game. This Sunday, at son Moix, he came out as the owner of the offensive of the set of Ramón Figueroa.

Pioners, spurred on by that first entry, is planted again in the “red zone” in the first minutes of the second quarter, but an interception thwarted their options to equalize the contest. Voltors recovered the oval and punished that error with a new “touchdown” after a good “drive” offensive culminated by Laine (20-6).

After the break, mallorca sentenced the shock. The third passing touchdown from Coffman to Andrei Lossi stood the 27-6 and shortly after an interception of Tobias Fuchs returned for TD was already a sledgehammer virtually definitive of the party (33-6). In the last quarter Bartholomew Flaquer scored the 39-6 and Pioners, a few seconds from the conclusion, ended the match with his second touchdown, scored by the receiver Marc of the Tower.

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