The Murcia Cobras that were imposed yesterday evening to Las Rozas Black Demons (35-28) and the Badalona Dracs, which this morning surpassed the Bears Rivas (48-0) are the two teams who this year will compete in the grand final of the LNFA Serie A.

The computer abruptly went back to 14 points of disadvantage in a great second part to bridge the 14-28 with the Demons came the rest. The party had not started well for the men of Alejandro Sotomayor as on their first drive, QB Jordan Perry was intercepted, and shortly after WR Timothy Crenshaw to pass Jason Gaines ahead of the locals on the scoreboard.

The second drive of the murcian was more successful and with a shipment of Perry for Jorge Escudero tables arrived at the marker of Joseph Barnes. After this exchange of blows both teams bog down momentarily on the offensive and it was not until the start of the second period, with two successful consecutive actions of Mark of the Kills, the last a good reception in the endzone, the roceños returned to take control of the game.

Cobras was hammering with his running game and, although they managed to move the chains, not had the necessary continuity and Black Demons came back to take control of the ball. In a series marked by penalties defensive Kills could the second TD in your particular account and the roceños managed to expand the differences to 14 points.

Squire also succeeded in his second TD but the German Andre Feuerherdt , was the reply, and with the two annotations of advantage to the visitors reached the intermediate.

On the resumption, the picture was different. Cobras, with a defense even more aggressive, slowed down the first drive of Demons and an attack without a huddle began to move the chains and to find gaps in the defense roceña. With this script the receiver american Cory Holmes reduced the distances, and he himself, after an error in a field goal for the people of madrid, was responsible to tie the game with a spectacular catch in the corner of the endzone since the start of the quarter final.

The of Sebas Lopez not encontaban output to the web defensive local, and after a punt from his own endzone is forced to defend a series of Cobras that started at a superb position. The local not wasting the opportunity and trapped one of Francisco Javier Martinez in the endzone managed to the annotation that I put in front and wore them to the grand final of the Series for the first time in its history.

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The Badalona Dracs will defend their national title after defeating with authority the Bears Rivas by 48-0. The catalans controlled the match in every moment and with his usual solvency offense and a solid defense I go over to a set in madrid who could not count with the QB-american Gabe Losada injured in the match of the quarter-final against Valencia Firebats. Sergio Barbero was in charge of directing the attack.

After the kickoff, initial the ripenses began with possession of the ball in a position very complicated, and after a three and out had to zoom in on the ball. Dracs, despite not getting a drive very fluid because of the penalties, took advantage of his first opportunity to with a pass of 26 yards from Sergi Gonzalo and a spectacular reception from Brandon Ravenel on fourth down to put the first touchdown on your account.

The following drives Bears were not better luck since, always starting in very deep in their field, could not pierce the defensive local, and with that dynamic came to the second room.

That period was lethal for the visitors. First bad punt of the locals left the leather on his own 20 and Lorenzo Melchiorre in a play of race added the second annotation of the match for the catalans. Later, in the first pass of the Barber of the following series, Albert Pascual achieved a interception that he returned for a TD and later, after converting a fake punt on another drive that began with interception to Bears, Dracs delivered a blow that already seemed the final with a new TD Melchiorre by land (27-0).

Melchiorre, functions in QB, connected with Guillem Garcia to achieve the 34-0 with both teams retreated to the locker rooms.

The tonic is not changed in the third period. Dracs began with possession of the leather and alternating in the direction of the offense to Sergi Gonzalo and Melchiorre, of Oscar Calatayud, moved the chains until, for the second time, the american connected with Guillem Garcia picking up a 41-0 did enter in application of the “mercy rule” playing the rest of the game clock run.

Already in the last quarter with a shipment of Gonzalo was transformed into a touchdown by Ravenel placing the final 48-0 in the marker Badalona Sud.

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