The best teams of “flag” fought this weekend for the national title in the Spanish Flag Bowl Adult, held in the Sports City of Calatayud. In the Open category, the Barcelona Pagesos took over from Valencia Firebats as the new champion, after winning a tight final to Coslada Truckers (7-6). The success in an “extra-point” awarded the victory to the Catalan team, in an exciting final that was marked by rain, which hampered a lot of the game of both teams. The adverse weather also affected the women’s final, which was resolved in favor of Gijón Foxes 82, who beat San Juan Dolphins by 13-33. Fourth consecutive title for the Spanish Flag Bowl for the asturian, great dominating of the specialty.

Alejandro de Haro (farmers ‘ union) and Elizabeth Joy (Foxes 82) received the MVP as the best player of the competition, in an awards ceremony that counted with the participation of the national team coaches national “flag”, Daniel Torres (male) and Daniel Castañón (female), and of the councillors of the City of Calatayud María Jesús Peñalosa (Sports) and Simona Dragan (Youth). In addition, the tournament also received the visit of the mayor of the town of aragon, José Manuel Aranda.

The Open category, with participation of 11 teams, was dominated in its first phase by the Madrid Capitals and the Valencia Firebats, who won their four matches and led the standings undefeated (4-0). Truckers and the farmers ‘ union, ended up in third and fourth place (3-1 balance), but ultimately were the ones who got into the grand final. In the semifinals, the farmers ‘ union got the ticket after winning at Madrid Capitals (12-19), while Truckers Coslada overthrew the defenders of the title, Valencia Firebats (27-41). Already in the grand final, the farmers ‘ union ahead in the first time and came to rest in front of (7-0). Truck drivers managed to score on the resumption, but did not convert the “extra-point” in a move that ultimately proved decisive. The equality and emotion presided over the clash until the final whistle. Truckers had one last possession to try to turn the result and win the title, but the defense farmers ‘ union resisted and the people of barcelona were proclaimed champions. Relive the final here.

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In women, with 12 participating teams, the San Juan Dolphins, Gijón Foxes 82 and Valencia Firebats dominated the first phase by winning their three matches and entered undefeated to the semi-finals. The fourth semi-finalist was Barcelona Búfals, with a balance of 2-1. In the semis, Dolphins beat Búfals by 27-7, while Foxes 82 did the same with Firebats (47-25). Because in the end, the equality presided over the first phase of the encounter and the Dolphins came to rest in front of (7-13). On the resumption Foxes won the tie, and shortly after gave back to the marker with an interception returned for a “touchdown” (13-20). From there the asturian imposed their law and expanded the marker to make sure a new title.

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Open Category:
1. Barcelona Pagesos
2nd. Coslada Truckers
3rd. Madrid Capitals
4th. Valencia Firebats
5th. Gran Canaria Atlantic Devils
6th. Gijón, Northern
7th. Barcelona Búfals
8th. Vinaròs Ironmans
9th. Barcelona Uroloki
10. Madrid Old Skull
11. Oviedo Madbulls

Female category:
1. Gijón Foxes 82
2nd. San Juan Dolphins
3rd. Barcelona Búfals
4th. Valencia Firebats
5th. Barberà Rookies
6th. Barcelona Pagesos
7th. Oviedo Phoenix
8th. Alicante Sharks
9th. Madrid Capitals
10. Murcia Cobras
11. Oviedo Madgirls
12. Santiago Black Ravens

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