Many years ago fell into my hands an article by the writer Arturo Perez Reverte that was titled “Question from hell”. In the above mentioned article was a comprehensive analysis about the different meanings that the word “BOLLOCKS” has in the Spanish language. This is not neither the site nor the time to reproduce this paper, but anyone who has an interest in the same, just click this link and it will take you directly to the article, however many of the issues that Don Arturo is what we witnessed in the Super Bowl LII

Last night when I saw the party with the word “bollocks” came to me many, many times, but most of all I came from two very concrete ways: “balls” and “cojones”, which were the two ways that they played the Philadelphia Eagles last night to beat the all-powerful and great favorites New England Patriots. The Doug Pederson played “balls” (in attack), but mostly played “with balls”. The conjugation of both prepositions helped them to win a title where there were far from favorites at the bookies.

As you know all that I tend to read here besides write in this space address to a podcast on the NFL, Café Lombardi, but this year for reasons that do not come into the story also I have been forced to exercise presenter replacing my colleague Tomas Monge. Despite the temporary absence of Thomas, the discussions about the NFL with him, and with other pundits of the program, are still producing. In those discussions, we maintain more than usually Thomas and I agreed on something, this version 2017 of the New England Patriots were a team that batible. Something that we also saw reasserted the day that our beloved Miami Dolphins defeated overwhelmingly and without palliative to those of Bill Belichick.

I have suffered as much as anyone the long tyranny of the New England Patriots. Until the year 2001 the team of Boston was to be an annoying horsefly in the AFC East that once in a while gave some disgust, as in 1986, but outside of very specific occasions the Dolphins was a team that had dominated the Patriots. After a bad first year of Belichick, the Patriots finished 5-11 and still with Drew Bledsoe as QB, that team became owner and lord of the division and passage of the american conference.

For bullying for so long in a league that is scheduled for that not to happen you have to combine a series of factors. The first and most important of them all is to be a good set and being well-trained, the Patriots of Belichick are just that, a disciplined team, very well coached, and where what has been created is a monolithic block where the parts you are replacing year after year. Another important factor is luck, for being so good for so many years there is that have a good dose of luck, although in sport it is often said that fortune smiles to the most prepared. Another important factor is to have the cooperation of your opponents but nearby, the rest of the teams of the AFC East have worked season after season to pave the way for the Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

The AFC during this century has divided the New England Patriots along with the teams where he played Peyton Manning along with the apparitions sporadic of the Pittsburgh Steelers and, to a lesser extent the Baltimore Ravens. The rest of the AFC, in practice, has never counted a great thing and all of that has helped to cement the longevity of the dynasty Patriots, which is accentuated even more with the withdrawal of Manning. And it is here where I wanted to arrive, all contributed to creating an aura of invincibility in the New England Patriots, to the patenting of what is popularly called “Patriots way” and that is seen very often reflected in a phrase that summarizes many things, “Do your job”, do your job. And yes, everything I have been doing the Patriots the last 17 years has great merit, but also has occurred many other things, many have been those who have been knocked out, but almost none knew how to top it.

The only team that’s really them in front of truth and without any kind of complexes were the Baltimore Ravens, John Harbaugh. In 2012 the Ravens had them on the ropes after an assault played of power to power, but Lee Evans made a drop infamous in the End Zone finished off then with the failure of Billy Cundiff in an FG that opened the way to the Super Bowl. The next year the history will not be repeated, Baltimore will be melted completely leads to New England. In 2014 again appeared to the Baltimore Ravens, had them on the ropes and that was when Josh McDaniels had to resort to his bag of tricks to destabilize of John Harbaugh, who still had a final possession to win the game.

In the Super Bowl of the season 2014, we already know what happened. Seattle was ahead on the score and had an advantage of 10 points, it was a question of managing it and be able to lift for the second consecutive year the Vince Lombardi. The untimely injury OF Cliff Avril broke Seattle that played with the Legion of Boom diminished by injuries and the loss of Jeremy Lane. Even so, the Seahawks had the opportunity to win the game in the final seconds when they were 2 & 1, but they sang to the move and less logical than they had in their playbook when they had Marshawn Lynch in the state of grace.

Nick skin gaita bags caught a touchdown pass

In 2016 the Patriots are planted with comfort in the Super Bowl against the Atlanta Falcons. And there again we were able to see how another team got shot in the foot for losing a match that they had practically won. For a lot of mystique, aura or whatever we want to sell the Atlanta Falcons we will not forget who blew a lead of 28-3 halfway through the third quarter. For reasons unexplained, the team stopped doing what had led him up there, they let New England to the sly out by cutting the marker thinking that they would not have time to run it. Is it wrong of end-to-end and when they realized they were in an absolute state of shock, the extension was only a mere formality for the Patriots.

In 2017, the Patriots mounted on the paper which seemed like a great roster via signings in free agency or via trades unusually aggressive, spoke even republish the 2007 season. However, the cracks soon appear when the season began to walk, the defense was a strainer that was invited to put yards and points. Kansas City and Carolina exposed the weakness, but other teams like Houston were victims of the aura of the Patriots, so inexplicable, were traced. a party that they had won. But there were several teams that also exposed the weaknesses of the team, the NY Jets had them on the ropes, but a controversial refereeing decision along the suicidal tendencies habitual of the opponents of the Patriots gave them a victory unlikely. Miami was commissioned to bring out the colors of the team Belichick, where they were completely outmatched by the Dolphins. Pittsburgh escaped alive of miracles, to another controversial refereeing decision, coupled with the vein suicide of the Steelers, also played without Antonio Brown on that day.

In playoffs, the Jacksonville Jaguars once again were victims of their own ghosts and fears. They played for a long time “fucking” until I started to play “without ” cojones”, that explains the waiver to even try to attack New England missing for more than a minute and with dead times available. As happened in the second part, they had the match more or less controlled the final quarter, 10 points up, but again played “without ” cojones” to the couple that “acojonados”.

And reached the Super Bowl. First of all, not give them a single possibility to the Philadelphia Eagles, I had my reasons for this, and all passed through Doug Pederson, a pupil of Andy Reíd. Pederson had already played before against the Patriots when he was the offensive coordinator in Kansas City and it was impossible to forget his play calling in a playoff game divisional. Two entries down Pederson scored a drive eternal that practically consumed the time and left no chance for a comeback to the Chiefs. When asked at the press conference an explanation only reached to say that he did not want Tom Brady to return to the field and that is why you used so much time, so much so that there was no time even for Brady or for him.

I was more than convinced that Pederson, as have done many others before, is going to coronary and play “without balls”, with a playcalling conservative where the mind would be to keep the control of the clock and without risking more of the account, the more your QB2 after the injury of Carson Wentz. Those are the scenarios in which better handling of Bill Belichick, a rival Coronado and hoping that their approach is conservative, which passes through to leave Brady in the band as long as possible, to take effect. But none of that step, Doug Pederson not only think about the party, “balls”, but they also played “with balls”.

The play that perhaps defined what came to the Eagles was the hand that ended with the TD’s own Nick skin gaita bags. When prudence tells you to write down the FG Doug Pederson decided to gamble with a pair of balls, that made us all jump and say “But what the hell is that?” To then say playcalling amazing. Doug Pederson was not only executed a game plan “of hell” but also “with cojones”

The 2nd part was spent the same in this plot, playing “balls” and “cojones”. Despite the fact that the Patriots are still very dangerous and with a defense of the Eagles that was playing “bad fucking”, saw for the first time below in the marker. Had time to score again, but if anotabas fast you gave time to New England to re-record. On the drive end of new Pederson threw “fucking”, with time before we played a 4 and long in the middle of the field, for then already playing with the clock to score a TD when they could have thrown a knee, exhausted a lot of time, score a FG and leave very little time to Brady for the comeback.

In the end, Doug Pederson has shown us all as they beat the New England Patriots, Cas does the vast majority of teams. This team of New England, and especially this year 2017, it was much more batible of what it looks like. Beating them is never going to be easy, but if you try “without balls” the more likely it is that you go to the house, but if you do it “with balls” you can take the Super Bowl. Perhaps from now on we will see many more teams to play them the of Bill Belichick without complexes, as did the Philadelphia Eagles.

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