Sun. Nov 18th, 2018

The Eagles are the champions of Super Bowl LII

In a spectacular match marked by some offensive which gave no respite, the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots by 41-33 and were proclaimed champions of the Super Bowl LII, the first in his list of achievements.

The quarterback Nick skin gaita bags, who during almost all the season was a substitute for the injured Carson Wentz, will be erected in the great protagonist of the party and was elected MVP of the encounter. Skin Gaita bags completed 28 of 43 passes for 373 yards and 3 TD and got an annotation more on a reception in the end zone that it is to the history of the NFL. He also suffered an interception at the end was not decisive.

The Patriots, defenders of the title, sold face your skin but this time could not work the miracle. Tom Brady pulverized the record of yards of the Super Bowl with 505 (28 of 48 passes completed and 3 TD) but the only sack that suffered, within the last two minutes, and ended up being a fumble recovered by the defense of Philadelphia. The Eagles did not get the first down to shut down the party at that time but they managed a field goal that gave them 8 points ahead.

The Patriots had a little less than a minute on the clock but no dead time. Brady came to his own to the mid-field but their last desperate “hail mary” found no recipient in the end zone and the win went to Pennsylvania.

The Eagles were ahead the entire night getting to have up to 10-point advantage in the third quarter but the of Bill Belichick, true to their style, don't lose face to the game and with a touchdown from Rob Gronkowski (9 receptions, 116 yards, 2 TD) was able to get with a point ahead.

But Doug Pederson does not pulse trembled. The HC of the Eagles decided to go for it on a fourth and one, 5 min to the end and bet it went well. Philadelphia ended that long drive with a touchdown to the TE Zach Ertz (7 receptions, 67 yards) and returned to a leadership that no longer was able to wipe away your opponent.


Philadelphia and New England combined for nothing more and nothing less than 1.151 total yards, a record in the history of the NFL, surpassing a mark that dated back to the 50's when The Los Angeles Rams and New York Yanks amassed 1.133. The 33 points the Pats are the largest amount gained by a losing team in the history of the Super Bowl. Between the two computers joined by a single punt.

At the individual level, skin Gaita bags became the third QB in the history of the league to be a starter and win the Super Bowl after starting three or fewer games in the regular season. Joins a club formed by Doug Williams (Washington, Super Bowl XXII) and Jeff Hostetler (New York Giants, Super Bowl XXV).

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