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Super Bowl for beginners (issue 2018)

Four years ago I wrote an article titled “Super Bowl for beginners” to help the more novice in the football to the broadcast of this great event. Given the interest that had then every year we do a reprint of the same. This is of 2018:


Before the reader continue to move forward, I'm going to make a warning, this article is not going to find an advanced analysis of the game, or a dissection of the systems of the finalists. This entry is mainly aimed at all those who for the first time, approach the football, and that take advantage of the Super Bowl (or the Super Bowl in hispanic america, by the direct translation of “Super Bowl”) to have their first experience with this exciting sport.

If you don't know nothing of football it is best that you inform yourself a little first to see you very lost during the relay. To take your first steps, we recommend the website of Diego Perez, an old friend of this house. If you like you can get his book, “FOOTBALL FOR ALL“. A must for beginners.

Another very interesting book (although it requires knowledge of something more advanced) is published by Ruben IbéasLESSONS FROM FOOTBALL“.

Last year the journalist Dani Sanabre has published on its YouTube channel a short video and illustrative of the basic concepts of american football. With the collaboration of Rafa Cervera, both explain what's critical to understand this sport:

Input there is to say that the Super Bowl is the grand final of the NFL, the National Football League, the best football league on the planet. The NFL account with 32 teams divided into two conferences, the American Conference (AFC) and the National Conference (NFC), which have four divisions each (East, West, North, and South). In the Super Bowl facing the winner of the AFC (this year the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS) and the NFC (the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES). The NFL is the ONLY professional league american that decides its winner to a single party and therefore the significance and importance of media of this event.


The NBC is the string that emits this year's Super Bowl in the united States. In Spain the rights of the NFL correspond to Movistar (previously Canal Plus). This year the party will be able to be seen from 00.30 h. (early morning of Sunday 4 and Monday February 5) in Movistar+ through Sports 2 (Dial 55, with pre-from 23:30 h.) and then the party in if you are also in the channel #0 (dial 7). The experts of the chain Moses Molina, Miguel Angel Calleja and Andrea Zanoni will be in charge of giving voice to the meeting, and analyze everything that happens on the field of play.

This will be the 52nd edition of the Super Bowl or LII, because the name of the game (saved in issue 50) is always indicated in roman numerals.

You can also register on the NFL Game Pass where you can see the shock in HD and with the original comments for 19,99 €. The offer of that year for the Super Bowl will also allow you to access the file of games of the last season and watch NFL Network from the moment you purchased it until the day after the Super Bowl, no doubt a good opportunity to get to know this sensational service.

Another option is to see it in any of the many bars that broadcast the game. Our companions of the “Sport " Made in USA” produced in their day the following list of sites in which you will be able to meet up with fans from all over the country to follow the event.

The Super Bowl lasts about four hours, so get ready for staying up late!


The headquarters of the Super Bowl is decided several years in advance, thus, we can say that, except by chance (which could have been given this year), the venue is neutral to both teams. This season, the chosen venue has been the U. S. Bank Stadium, the home of the Minnesota Vikings.

This spectacular installation was inaugurated on July 22, 2016 and, in addition to the Super Bowl this year, it is expected that in 2019 is the home of the Final Four of the national championship of basketball of the NCAA. The U. S. bank Stadium occupies the place where was the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, home of the Vikings from 1982 to 2013.

The stadium had a cost of 1.061 billion dollars, and has the ability to 66.200 spectators.


Around the party the NFL organizes a multitude of events for the fans, several of them not only for those who have tickets, but are open to the general public. Among the most prominent this year we have:

  • NFL Experience: a classic of the parties. Will be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center from Saturday 27 January to Saturday 3 February, the day before the match. It is a kind of theme park with activities surrounding football that include everything from games to exhibitions and signing autographs from players. Tickets cost 35 $.
  • Super Bowl Opening Night: was held on Monday 29 at the Xcel Energy Center. This is the first time that the players and coaches speak with the media after his arrival at the area of Minnesota. This is a change from the traditional “Media day” that is done before the Tuesday prior in the morning. The event starts at 17:30 local time and the interviews were conducted approximately at 19:00 h. for the Philadelphia Eagles and from 21:00 h. for the New England Patriots.


As you've already been able to check, the Super Bowl is not just a party. The Super Bowl is the pre party, the party, the rest of the party and the pospartido. The interpretation of several themes, among them the imperative to “America the beautiful” tends to precede the great time of the national anthem.


The time prior most important is without doubt the performance of the national anthem. This year the charge of this responsibility will be P!nk. The show will join the director and actor Alexandria Wailes, who will interpret the performance of the singer of 38 years in sign language, on behalf of the American Association of the deaf (NAD)

In the last few years have gone for the podium , Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera, Carrie Underwood or Jennifer Hudson. Regardless of the and dispositions of each one is an exciting time that always seems to give that talk. One of the most remembered is that of the singer country Faith Hill prior to the thrilling Super Bowl XXXIV between the St. Louis Rams and Tennessee Titans.

This is the first time that P!nk, a constant, committed, and without hairs in the language that has already shown many times his annoyance with the republican administration, to interpret the anthem in an event of this magnitude.

To interpret “America the Beautiful”, another classic from the Super Bowl, has been chosen for Leslie Odom Jr star of the famous Broadway musical “Hamilton,” and Tony award winner in 2016. Last year there were several of his companions had this honor.


Before the start of the match produced by the draw. The captains of both teams head for the center of the field where the main referee of the shock precedes the drawing of fields. The winner has the opportunity to choose if you want to receive the ball (which means they will start attacking), or if on the contrary you prefer to make that choice for the second half. Sometimes he is accompanied by honorary captains that can be ex-players, ex-coaches, or other relevant figures. Usually the currency used for the sweepstakes is a commemorative coin that features the logo of the Super Bowl in one of its faces.

This year the referee will be Gene Steratore. Steratore has had 15 years of honking the horn in the NFL, where he began his career in the year 2003 as a field judge. To date he has directed 11 playoff games, including two conference finals. Super Bowl XLIV was designated as a “referee” substitute. Will accompany Roy Ellison (umpire), Jerry Bergman (down judge), Byron Boston (line judge), Tom Hill (field judge), Scott Edwards (side judge) and Perry Paganelli (back judge). Several of these arbitrators repeated in a Super Bowl: Boston (XXXVI and XLVII) and Hill (XL and XLIX) will complete his third Super Bowl. Ellison (XLIII), Edwards (50) and Paganelli (XLI) shall provide his second Super Bowl.

In addition to football Steratore also devise games of the NCAA basketball since 1997. His brother Tony is also a referee in the NFL and his father, Gene Steratore Sr., was a referee for college football and basketball. The brothers Steratore are the owners of a company of sanitary supplies in Pennsylvania.

At 18:30 ET (00:30 h. on the peninsula) is planned to kickoff of the game, the “kick-off”.


As mentioned at the beginning, this Super Bowl will pit the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. The first are a team with the greatest tradition in the big dance (already have no less than 10 participations in the Super Bowl, a record for the NFL). New England won the championship in 2002, 2004, 2005, 2015 and 2017 and on four other occasions was runner-up (1986, 1997, 2008 and 2012). The Eagles, for their part came on two other occasions to the Super Bowl, the two settled with losses. The first was in the edition XV in 1981 (fell to the Oakland Raiders for 27-10). The second was in 2005 where they were undone just before the Patriots (24-21).

During the match the spectators americans can enjoy a good number of ads that have paid millions of dollars. The ads of the Super Bowl tend to be very expected, almost all of the brands debut on a special trade for this moment, and are so seen and analyzed as the party itself.

In the Super Bowl odd the team from the NFC plays as local, so this year in the edition number 52, the Patriots as representatives of that conference, make it local and have elected to wear white in this game, a color with which they are 3-0 under the leadership of coach Bill Belichick. The Eagles, therefore, visitors have chosen to play green. Given the curiosity of the last 13 champions, 12 have played white.

Who are the players most prominent?Who I have to set? This is a brief summary of the highlights of each team:


BRADY#12. Tom Brady. Quarterback. 40 years.
Is the man of the moment. Last year he led the greatest comeback in the history of the Super Bowl which allowed him to achieve his fifth title, a record in the NFL. Brady comes in addition to starring in another big comeback in the western conference finals against the Jacksonville Jaguars and is also the oldest player to lead his team in a Super Bowl. The uninitiated in the NFL, you may know him more for being the husband of supermodel brazilian Gisele Bundchen.

GRONK#87. Rob Gronkowski. Tight End. 28 years.
“Gronk” is a real beast physically almost two meters tall and 120 Kg. of weight that is moving at great speed, and he has prodigious hands which represents a target for spectacular passes from Brady. In the final of the AFC suffered a blow that caused a concussion but is expected to be restored to the grand final. If you play “Gronk” your figure will not go unnoticed.

GILMORE#24. Stephon Gilmore. Cornerback. 27 years
It has been one of the great acquisitions of the Patriots this season. Came from the Buffalo Bills, a rival divisional of Massachusetts and, although it has taken time to settle, little by little has been showing his quality, emphasizing in the conference final with a superb play defensively that helped close the game for the Patriots. It will be his first Superbowl.

MCCOURTY#32. Devin McCourty. Safety. 30 years
McCourty is one of the players that form what we might call “guardia pretoriana” head coach Bill Belichick and his defensive coordinator Matt Patricia, is one of the trusted men. As sum eight seasons in the franchise and has managed to get two rings of a champion. Stands out for its great range of action and recognition of the offensive rivals from his privileged position in the deep part of the field. Is a player who commits very few errors and who is responsible for keeping his teammates in line.


FOLES#9. Nick Skin Gaita Bags. Quarterback. 29 years old.
Skin gaita bags will be in charge of directing the attack of the Philadelphia Eagles. It so happens that at the beginning of the season was the QB understudy but an injury to headline Carson Wentz, who was one of the candidates for best player of the season, gave him an opportunity that has not been wasted. This is the second stage in the Eagles for skin gaita bags who played in Philly from 2012 to 2014 before being traded to Saint Louis and pass also by Kansas City. It will be one of the great protagonists of the night.

AJAYI#36. Jay Ajayi. Running back. 24 years old.
Ajayi has a very particular history. This is a player born in London, of parents of nigerians that moved to the 7 years to the united States. After highlighting in high school and a good college career at Boise State was selected by the Miami Dolphins in the draft. However half of this season he was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles where he has become a key man in their attack. Along with LeGarrette Blount (ex-Patriot) form a powerful team to run the ball.

COX#91. Fletcher Cox. Defensive tackle. 27 years.
Cox is an a-line defensive this year has been an extraordinary season. You can play both in the interior of the line (for close racing) and out (to try to pressure the quarterback rival) and his performance in making the party the most uncomfortable possible for Tom Brady can depend on a good part of the options of the Eagles.

JENKINS#27. Malcolm Jenkins. Safety. 30 years.
Jenkins is one of the leaders of the defence secondary of the Eagles (the managers above that shine the receivers of the opposing team). Account with ample experience and already has a Super Bowl win when he was part of the New Orleans Saints. Your work to decipher the keys of the offense of the Patriots is going to be very important to Philadelphia.


Bill Belichick. 65. The New England Patriots.
We are one of the best coaches of american football of all time. Belichick has in his palmares five Super Bowls as the head coach and two as defensive coordinator of the New York Giants in the 80's. Has led the Pats to 14 titles in the AFC East, and at 11 the end of the AFC. He has been chosen coach of the year three times (2003, 2007 and 2010). No one has won more playoff games than him. His career has not been without controversy, being punished by the NFL in 2007 by the well-known as “Spy Gate“.

PEDERSONDoug Pederson. 50 years. Philadelphia Eagles.
This will be the first participation in a Superbowl as a coach for Pederson, but it already has a as a player to be champion in 1997 when he served as QB understudy of Brett Favre on the Green Bay Packers. Pederson has highlighted the great work that he has done with the offensive team that has gone from a record of 7-9 in his first season to 13-3 of the current in spite of the injury before mentioned QB owner Carson Wentz.


The rest of the Super Bowl, millonariamente sponsored by Pepsi for the sixth consecutive year, is almost as important as the party. If you've never lived surely will attract your attention as in a matter of minutes, is mounted a spectacular setting in the centre of the stadium.

This year the big star will be Justin Timberlake who turns to a Super Bowl for the third time (editions XXXV and XXXVIII), the first after his well-remembered “incident” (or wardrobe malfunction) starring, alongside Jannet Jackson when the good of Justin, he uncovered one of the breasts of the youngest of the Jackson and since then the party is issued with a certain delay in the issuance of form that the realization can make your “censorship” previous.

Throughout history there have been shows of the rest truly memorable and are remembered as much as the party itself. We recall the performances of Michael Jackson or of the irish band U2. The latter without doubt one of the best of the history. Last year Lady Gaga, left also a show very much remembered for his spectacular nature.


If you are lucky and the string by which you have chosen to view the party maintains the connection you will see the delivery of the Vince Lombardi Trophy, the trophy given to the champion of the Super Bowl, as well as the proclamation of the MVP of the match. The confetti falls, the players get commemorative t-shirts, and the commissioner makes the delivery of the trophy to the owner of the franchise (not the captain of the team, as is tradition in Europe). The “owner” says a few words, and then usually assign the shift to the head coach. Traditionally, the MVP of the match gets in addition to a trip to Disney World and a luxury car. Last year the MVP was the aforementioned Tom Brady, who is the only player in history to have achieved this accolade on four occasions. Only 10 of the 50 editions, the prize has fallen into the defensive player. By cons, 28 times has been chosen MVP the QB of the winning team.

From the Super Bowl XXXV to the fans also have a voice and a vote in the decision of the best player since the 20% of the decision is determined by voting via mobile phone. The remaining 80% corresponds to the panel of journalists that follow the event.

By the way, to the “veterans” who have come up here, I encourage you to comment if you something missing 🙂

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