Victories for Valencia, Giants, Bears Rivas, LG Oled, Las Rozas Black Demons and Murcia Cobras in the four matches of the fourth day of the LNFA Serie A matches played on Saturday. The day was completed today with the overwhelming victory of the Badalona Dracs on Valencia Firebats.

In the group B Murcia Cobras still as strong leader after adding to his fourth win. Won with authority at Granada Lions (48-8) in a game where he shone on the couple Angel ClementeCorey Holmes. The QB national threw 5 passes of “touchdown”, all of them at the receiver us. 4 of them came in the first time, where the murcian stood with a clear 35-0. In this phase also scored for Cobras Jorge Escudero, after recovering a “fumble”. Before intermission, however, Granada Lions got a “touchdown” spectacular return “kickoff”, annotated by Diego García (35-8 at the break with the conversion of 2 of the locals). On the resumption, Cobras rounded out the victory with the nth pass of Clement Holmes, and with a stroke of the “runningback” José Antonio Sotomayor.

In Beniparrell, in a match also in group B, the second victory of the season for Valencia Giants, which was imposed to Alicante Sharks (28-6). The people of alicante, despite the defeat, they face and shocked in the first half of the clash, opening the scoring at the start of the second quarter (0-6). An interception returned for a “touchdown” of Alberto Bottle allowed to alicante to get ahead. Giants, however, reacted to the hand of the Italian Anton Shkreli, author of 3 “touchdowns”. Ralph Pineda, who played “quarterback” in Giants, connected with Shkreli to equalize the contest (6-6). And the Italian was the 12-6 before half-time with a career. In the third quarter a new pass from Pineda to Shkreli expanded the advantage to the local (20-6 with the 2-point conversion scored by the Italian player, the great protagonist of the crash). And already in the last period, a reception of Jorge Huete to pass Pineda, converted 2 points by Miguel Martín-Sierra, established the final 28-6.

In group C, LG Oled, Las Rozas Black Demons is still undefeated and leads the standings with a record of 4-0. Today the roceños exceeded Santurtzi Coyotes by 41-0. The receiver German André Feuerherdt was one of the great protagonists of the clash, scoring 3 “touchdowns”. QB Jason Gaines also shone with 4 passes of annotation, while the corridor Mark of the Kills scored 2 TD in particular. Sergio Condés, with a reception, was commissioned to open the scoring for the team of Las Rozas and the Kills stood the 14-0 at the end of the first quarter. The first two “touchdowns” of Feuerherdt established the 27-0 with which it came to intermediate. On the resumption, Of the Kills and the receiver German rounded the victory against a Coyotes combative but that did not stop a few Black Demons in a row.

Finally, in Rivas, also in clash of the group C, Bears beat Santiago Black Ravens (46-0). The galicians, rookies in the category, let moments of good football, but at the same time accused his inexperience with the set of Rivas. Jesus Sanchez, Head Coach of the Bears, gave minutes to all his men and the young “quarterback” Sergio Barbero came out of holder to direct the offensive from madrid. Bears, however, opened the scoreboard thanks to its defense. Rodrigo Gardeta intersected the oval to score the first touchdown (6-0). Shortly after, the locals extended their advantage with a career of Eduardo Palacín (13-0). The party was definitively sentenced in the second part, in which the Bears scored on four occasions. The first, with a pass from Barber to Emilio Martinez, who was the 20-0. Then came into action the QB holder of the locals, the american Gabe Losada, who connected with Clinton Greenaway and Mario Flores to further increase the advantage (33-0). Before intermission a new interception, Sergio de la Torre, was the 40-0 with which it came to rest. On the resumption, the Bears continued with their rotations and Barber returned to lead the attack to connect with Alvaro this calls and establishing the final 46-0. The galicians, despite the adverse outcome, continued fighting and in the bars the end had their opportunities to score. The more clear, after locking “a punt” that gave them a very good field position. They tried, but the marker no longer recorded changes.

The Dracs were imposed with forcefulness to the Firebats (Joan Sancho)

Badalona Dracs is established in the leadership of the group after beating the Valencia Firebats (48-6). The champions follow with a firm step with another great performance of his signings americans. Brandon Ravenel scored 4 touchdowns, two receiving and two of the race, while Lorenzo Melchiorre added two annotations for the Badalona in the running game. Melchiorre, in addition, launched a pass TD, because that is alternated in the direction of the offensive game with Sergi Gonzalo, that added a skip annotation to your statistics. For Dracs also scored Javier García, with an interception returned for a TD. In Firebats debuted his new “quarterback”, Alexander Mc Kean, was the author of the unique “touchdown” of the valencian people. Mc Kean takes over from Justin Sottilare in the direction of the offensive game of valencia.

Firebats opened the scoring for Firebats in the first compasses of the shock. Mc Kean, with a run of a yard, placed the 0-6 on the scoreboard. The joy of the Valencians, however, was short-lived, as Dracs reacted before the close of the first quarter (21-6). With this result, it came to rest. After the intermission, Dracs pressed on the gas and since there was no option to Firebats, who accused the exchange of “quarterback”. Mc Kean takes only a few days with the team and noticed the lack of sync with his receivers, which led to two interceptions in the second half.

In the LNFA Female, Barberà Rookies beat Badalona Dracs by 50-0 and win set of Terrassa Reds to Barcelona Búfals (13-12).

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