Sat. Jan 19th, 2019

Week 7 NFL Game Selection | NFL Live Stream

Check out GameDay Pick & # 39; Em for expert information on week 7 gaming and player odds. NFL Network hosts Dan Hellie, Erin Coscarelli, Terrell Davis and Cynthia Frelund give you their analysis.

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43 thoughts on “Week 7 NFL Game Selection | NFL Live Stream

  1. 31 Chargers 13 Titans
    45 Patriots 13 Bears
    28 Colts 24 Bills
    22 Browns 9 Buccaneers
    33 Vikings 31 Jets
    24 Texans 14 Jaguars
    26 Dolphins 24 Lions
    19 Eagles 18 Panthers
    42 Ravens 37 Saints
    40 Rams 6 49ers
    27 Cowboys 17 Redskins
    44 Chiefs 24 Bengals
    35 Falcons 0 Gianrs

  2. Not sure on what people's projections for the Saint's season are but Iv'e got a feeling they could do something special. At least reach a championship or even the super bowl. Their offence is only going to get stronger and considering Brees isn't getting any younger I reckon they could be having a real go at it this year.

  3. Everyone judge Dallas on 1 game against a broken, overrated Jags team. Based all their picks on it, ignoring the other 5 games they played. Maybe they will wake up now

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