Sun. Dec 16th, 2018

Week 4 PokerSports FantasyStud $ 15k prize money NFL Tourney @Roneffect Live Stream

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9 thoughts on “Week 4 PokerSports FantasyStud $ 15k prize money NFL Tourney @Roneffect Live Stream

  1. im in a "fantasy football/Poker" Tourney this NFL season with a Prize Pool that is $15,000 minimum. 1st place gets minimum $6,000. Wish me luck guys. I wanna do all types of giveaways if i get this money… May the Luck of the Superbowl 42 escape and Helmet Catch be with me. You can watch me do this every week LIVE on on Wednesdays at 11 pm Est…. I also stream on twitch Daily USUALLY Monday through Friday after 6:30pm est i mainly stream madden AND OR just Chill and talk about anything with you guys under the "IRL" category kinda like a podcast.. ill be streaming my fantasy stud hands once a week throughout The NFL season.

  2. With all the saint injuries and limited playtime players and the potential return of oliveire Vernon and Eli apple it's looking to be a good one in Eli we trust bro let's make drew hold this L

  3. But we have some holes too I ain't even gonna pretend we don't but with our performance the rise of carry Wynn the stepping up of Alec ogletree it's looking nice bro right now My prediction we have a at least 8 win team here I hope we squeeze into the playoffs only time will tell

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