Mon. Jan 21st, 2019

Titans Vs. Chargers Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2018 in London Live Stream

The Tennessee Titans face the Los Angeles Chargers in the 7th week of the 2018 NFL season in London.

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24 thoughts on “Titans Vs. Chargers Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2018 in London Live Stream

  1. ITS NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN THE BANDWAGON…. We Need the Fan's, After this Year we finish 12-4.. Everyone will be a Chargers Fan.. Remember when We had L.T?? Went 14-2?? A good back + Phillip= Trouble4You…

  2. Whichever team eventually comes here to London is going to have a great home crowd. We are used to making a great atmosphere in our football, so the home advantage that London Chargers or London Jaguars would have would be insane.

  3. What a great experience seeing the chargers for the first time and us getting the win. Not used to seeing the chargers closing out these tight games. Great job though, bring on the rest of the season. I have done a vlog of the day at Wembley , check it out on my channel! Bolt uppppp

  4. I WAS a PSL owner , and founding member in 1999 and an avid tailgater until the National Anthem protests. PSLs are sold, and until the league, and specifically the Titans organization, show a change in the enforcement of respect for our nation (for which my family has specifically sacrificed for), then I am done with the NFL….and all who sponsor it. Redirecting my fan base to The Nashville Predators.

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