Sat. Jan 19th, 2019

Ranking of the top 5 NFL teams entering Week 7 Live Stream

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25 thoughts on “Ranking of the top 5 NFL teams entering Week 7 Live Stream

  1. Thanks for putting my Chiefs above the Pats cuz we really Are Better especially when we play them in Arrowhead and especially when our team is at full strength…I still see us at #2 all the way until we play the Rams week 11

  2. 1:00 2:02 "The record is better for the chief" bruh…. No thats not a reason I CAN COME UP WITH SO MANY BETTER REASONS THEN BECAUSE o chiefs are 5-1 patriots are 4-2…. So what chu saying is… If the Arizona Cardinals were… 6-0 they are considered as good as the Rams? bruh no you sound like Skip when he defends the Cowboys after a lost

  3. Yes keep Dolphins under the radar as they beat Detroit and Houston and sit at 6-2 but please keep underestimating them when they're in the playoffs too. Please continue to sleep on the Dolphins.

  4. Damn , and as a Cincy fan , and looking at our schedule , we have 2 of those teams coming up , but I'm not as worried as I normally would be. Cincy I a well rounded and solid team , and I think when we find our rythem , we will be even better. I will note that we have to find that rythem right now tho. WHO DEY !!!!!!!!!

  5. That has got to be the absolute dumbest ranking i have ever seen. This guy actually gets paid to be this stupid. Apparently his job does not depend on him being right or wrong or he would of been fired a long time ago.

  6. The Rams could easily go undefeated , we thought the NFC would be strong, its not, the teams that we thought could give the rams issues have been bad and under performed, the AFC has been tough games.

  7. I think the saints have the hardest schedule we have the eagles Vikings rams and Steelers still to play and the ravens have #1 defense and we play them this Sunday

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