Sat. Jan 19th, 2019

Panthers vs. Eagles Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2018 Live Stream

The Carolina Panthers compete against the Philadelphia Eagles in the seventh week of the 2018 NFL season.

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47 thoughts on “Panthers vs. Eagles Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2018 Live Stream

  1. BEST QB IN THE LEAGUE !!! … Since He's Come Into League , there hasn't been another QB that has to Do As Much For His Team To Win , Than KAMM !!! … Wk in Wk Out , Yr in Yr Out , BY FAR THE BEST IN THE LEAGUE !!! … πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    He ain't had or NEVER will have a Bell/ todd gurley/ kamara to run his offense through, or 5 #1 receiver's like new england, orleans, gbay, kc,philly, atl, tbay, g-men, … every legitimate contending team has MULTIPLE THREATS that SAVES there qb … Except Carolina !!! ??? … Kamm ls The ONLY LEGITIMATE CONSISTENT OFFENSIVE THREAT carolina has ??? … Been that way since day1(Rookie yr 2011) … ln fact what little he had , they ran off (Steve Smith , Lafell, Ginn jr-2wice) ??? ! …

    Outside G olsen , the http://www... couldn't name another Rec KAMM's had the last 5yrs ??? … The yrs you're building around a Franchise QB ! ? …

    There ls NOT Another QB On this PLANET That would even have a WINNING RECORD w/the JV-Talent they Surrounded KAMM with … Even More , Be The CONSISTENT WINNER(& League MVP)He ls With Such INFERIOR, REMEDIAL Talent around him ! …

    Like l Said , BY FAR THE BEST QB IN THE LEAGUE !!! … πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. I have never seen worse luck then the eagles have had this season there has been 3 games they had won and because of pure luck they lost them 9 out of 10 times them games are won and it's happened 3 times there record 3-4 but are a 6-1 football team its gut wrenching and the fans deserve better they had cam newton sacked with 2 minutes left on 4th and 10 its every game plays like that

  3. Big win by the Carolina Panthers, despite the unfair call reversal in Philadelphia's favor at the end of the game… (none of the shots provided showed the ball actually touching the ground, so there just wasn't enough evidence to justify overturning that call.Β  Let's not forget that judges are supposed to provide incontrovertible evidence that things went another way if they are to reverse their original decisions. Reid's hand seems to have been under that football all along… ).

  4. Jeez after seeing the panthers get dominated for so long in this game and by about 7 minutes left in the game I immediately thought β€œpanthers aren’t coming back the offense is too stale.” Took me till about 10 o’clock to realize the eagles blew this game lol

  5. Nice job Panthers, the arrogant Eagle players were celebrating/dancing on the side line at the start of the 4th Qtr, fun to watch them eat crow and get booed by the fans at home, (again). After winning the SB Eagles O-lineman Lane was chirping about the Pats being a "no fun" team, then with no corroboration claimed Bill B "disrespected" coach Peterson. Huh?, Bill B is WAY to smart to ever do anything like that and he understands any HC who gets his team to a SB is obviously doing things right.

  6. Cam Newton’s first reaction to a blitz is to scramble. WHY DID WE NOT BLITZ?!? Our defensive line surely would have helped gobble him up with the help of extra rushers. Jim Schwartz has absolutely no idea what he’s doing.

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