Mon. Jan 21st, 2019

NFL Week 7 Preview Show | NFL Network Live Stream

NFL Playbook analysts Rhett Lewis, Brian Billick, Shaun O'Hara and Willie McGinest give you game previews for Week 7 of the 2018 season.

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41 thoughts on “NFL Week 7 Preview Show | NFL Network Live Stream

  1. This is ALL According to,

    ▶Mitch Trubisky 6'3 222lbs. (190cm 100kg)

    ⏩QBrec: 3-2-0

    ⏩Comp: 113

    ⏩Att: 161

    ⏩Comp%: 70.2

    ⏩Yds: 1261

    ⏩TD: 11

    ⏩TD% 6.8

    ⏩Int: 4

    ⏩Int%: 2.5

    ⏩Lng: 54

    ⏩Y/A: 7.8

    ⏩AY/A: 8.1

    ⏩Y/C: 11.2

    ⏩Y/G: 252.2

    ⏩Rate: 105.6

    ⏩Sk: 12

    ⏩Yds: 80

    ⏩NY/A: 6.83

    ⏩ANY/A: 7.06

    ⏩Sk%: 6.9

    ⏩4QC: 1

    ⏩GWD: 1


  3. Drew Christopher Brees 6'0 209lbs. (183cm 94kg)

    2018 Season Stats:

    ⏩QBrec: 4-1-0

    ⏩Comp: 148

    ⏩Att: 190

    ⏩Comp%: 77.9

    ⏩Yds: 1658

    ⏩TD: 11

    ⏩TD%: 5.8

    ⏩Int: 0

    ⏩Lng: 62

    ⏩Y/A: 8.7

    ⏩AY/A: 9.9

    ⏩Y/C: 11.2

    ⏩Y/G: 331.6

    ⏩Rate: 122.3

    ⏩QBR: 83.6

    ⏩Sk: 8

    ⏩Yds: 64

    ⏩NY/A: 8.05

    ⏩ANY/A: 9.16

    ⏩Sk%: 4.0

    ⏩4QC: 2

    ⏩GWD: 2

    ⏩QBrec: 146-107-0

    ⏩Cmp: 6370

    ⏩Cmp%: 67.2

    ⏩Yds: 72,103

    ⏩TD: 499

    ⏩TD%: 5.3

    ⏩Int: 228

    ⏩Int%: 2.4

  4. Dolphins 28 Lions 23
    Bears 30 Patriots 20
    Falcons 29 Giants 16
    Ravens 33 Saints 28
    Jets 34 Vikings 23
    Bengals 41 Chiefs 38
    Eagles 18 Panthers 10
    Rams 52 49rs 18
    Browns 34 Buccaneers 19
    Jaguars 32 Texans 6
    Cardinals 30 Broncos 26

  5. All the saints needs to do is contain the run and dont give up the big play down field. Their Achilles heel is the celebrations after every play on defense when they need to stay focused on the next play. I love my saints but there are times the consistency isn't always there. I hate saying this but why do you think that the Patriot franchise is so successful in this era? Because of their consistency to want to win. I wish that was the case when the saints acquired Drew Brees and built the team around him from the start.

  6. this week will make or break some seasons, it will show who are up to fight for the superbowl:
    – bears have a chance now to step up,
    – panthers or eagles decide who goes down the drain,
    – ravens now have to show if they are for real,
    – bengals too,
    – jags will be out if they lose now

    good stuff

  7. god i hate it when there are two guys in the studio and then one guy sat in his house. looks so unprofessional and lame. Like that crappy split screen "first take"

  8. Well, with game day comes the collective group that calls itself "RAT P" As in "Root Against The Patriots." No matter who they play. Or where.

    Sad, but true. It's high time the sports-working press addressed the issue of RAT P. How do you feel about RAT P? What good can come out of RAT P? Will today's broadcast game have mention of RAT P? Let's hope not. But if it does, I told you so , First.

  9. RAT P aside, the Patriots remain the Patriots. Serious as it gets. Much to the chagrin of the "collective" group that calls itself "RAT P": As in "Root Against The Patriots." No matter who they play. Or where. Or when.

    It's high time the New England Patriots, its organization, the NFL itself, the sports-working press and even the Pats faithful addressed the issue of RAT P. How do you feel about RAT P? Could RAT P effect the Patriots' psyche as the season wears on? Should the Patriots worry about RAT P? I mean, would you?

    What good can come out of RAT P? When people talk RAT P, are they just talking trash? Are they? You tell us. How about a sports-radio call-in show to air the commentary and arguments about the New England Patriots 2018 season and how it relates to or may be impacted by RAT P.

    You know. Them. That "collective" group calling itself: "Root Against The Patriots."

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