Sat. Jan 19th, 2019

NFL Week 6 Preview Show | NFL Network Live Stream

NFL Playbook analysts Rhett Lewis, Brian Billick and Shaun O & Hara give you a game preview for Week 6 of the 2018 season.

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30 thoughts on “NFL Week 6 Preview Show | NFL Network Live Stream

  1. 38-24 Kansas w
    45-14 Steelers w
    31-20 Eagles w
    27-17 Falcons w
    34-24 Browns w
    12-7 Jets w
    48-3 Seahawks w
    24-14 Panthers w
    36-0 Texans w
    56-24 Vikings w
    17-20 Dolphins w
    28-14 Rams w
    14-14 Ravens and Titans draw
    21-28 Jaguars w
    16-34 Packers w
    Those are my picks

  2. My Panthers working on that NFC East sweep. Gettin Greg back this week AND a well rested Thomas Davis… lol sorry Redskins fans, Sunday is gonna be a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOÒOOOOOOOOOONG day lmao

  3. I watch the replays and I see like some players don't even try,,,    they made their 100 million buck contract and tape their arms up so they cant move or bend them,   I really don't get how they are paid so much and its so like they are all friends and its a set up where the players say and have it all set up with their friends palyin on other team to such as ,,I,ll let you make a play and next you let me make a play so the media can take a pic and have a replay to show,,,   as well,   they let half the game run off the play clock each game,,   every play is at least 15 seconds wasted,,, paid millions for what, to disrespect flag and make it so as a fan I cant get the rush with the anthem because they wont show it now,,,hide things for it yu cant see it then its not happening eh,, I aint stupid,,  players should get a pay-cheque  at end of game for their performance,,to see the slow replays and such easy play not being made really  makes me not want to put 1 buck into the organization in any way,,

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