Sun. Dec 16th, 2018

NFL Week 4 Betting Preview: Choose Any Game Against Dissemination (Simms & Lefkoe) Live Stream

What's up, Homies! Week 4 is here. In today's show, we preview every game on the NFL plan and give our predictions against the spread. Let us know what you think of our tips in the comments!

5:20 Week 3 Betting Recap
9:40 Prediction of Viking rams against the spread
13:40 Prediction of jets jaguars against the spread
19:30 Prediction of dolphins - Patriots against the spread
27:40 Prediction of Eagles-Titians against the spread
34:25 Prediction of Texans-Colts against the spread
41:00 Bills packer forecasts against the spread
47:00 Prediction of Lions cowboys against the spread
52:30 Predicting Bucs-Bears vs. Spread
58:00 Prediction Bengals-Falcons against the spread
1:04:10 Prediction of Seahawks cardinals against the spread
1:08:30 Browns-Raiders predictions against the spread
1:14:20 Predict Sants-Giants against the spread
1:21; 10 prediction of 49ers chargers against the spread
1:28:45 Predictions by Ravens-Steelers against the spread
1:34:10 Prediction of Chiefs-Broncos against the spread
1:42:45 5 teams will be guaranteed to lose in Week 4

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34 thoughts on “NFL Week 4 Betting Preview: Choose Any Game Against Dissemination (Simms & Lefkoe) Live Stream

  1. 5:20 Week 3 Betting Recap
    9:40 Predicting Vikings-Rams Against The Spread
    13:40 Predicting Jets-Jaguars Against The Spread
    19:30 Predicting Dolphins-Patriots Against The Spread
    27:40 Predicting Eagles-Titians Against The Spread
    34:25 Predicting Texans-Colts Against The Spread
    41:00 Predicting Bills-Packers Against The Spread
    47:00 Predicting Lions-Cowboys Against The Spread
    52:30 Predicting Bucs-Bears Against The Spread
    58:00 Predicting Bengals-Falcons Against The Spread
    1:04:10 Predicting Seahawks-Cardinals Against The Spread
    1:08:30 Predicting Browns-Raiders Against The Spread
    1:14:20 Predicting Saints-Giants Against The Spread
    1:21;10 Predicting 49ers-Chargers Against The Spread
    1:28:45 Predicting Ravens-Steelers Against The Spread
    1:34:10 Predicting Chiefs-Broncos Against The Spread
    1:42:45 5 Teams Guaranteed to Lose in Week 4

  2. Texans come around in the 2nd half because they finally let Deshaun play the offense he wants. O'Brien needs to just understand that this complex "offense" doesn't work

  3. I feel like I should bet against you guys on all of these once and win a bit of cash because unfortunately you guys have been really off this year come on guys your killing me get it together I usually bet a lot like you guys and its been a rough start this year.

  4. Hey Chris, when you review Rams/Vikes can you pay attention to the clock specially in the first quarter?I'm not aware of any rule changes that would keep the clock running when a receiver runs out of bound. Yet it happened a bunch of time last night in first quarter. Kupp twice I think catched and ran out of bound and clock kept running.And later in the game also clock just disappeared and nobody said anything. ???

  5. Fins +9.5 pts? I love your show guys and you really crack me up, but where did you get these lines from? Also….the Lions/Cowboys -3.5 pts? I haven't seen that line move from 3 pts. Atlanta is -4 and headed to 3.5 pts. When do you guys do this show that your lines are that off?

  6. I have made a fortune gambling with your advice!
    Step 1- Find out the Simms and Lefkoe "lock picks"
    Step 2-Bet the OPPOSITE" and enjoy your profits!
    At this rate, I will have a new Ferrari by mid season.

  7. Even the so called experts never know who is gonna win.Over the years it can make you laugh at different win/loss records of football analysts.Logic doesn't always produce a winner,not easy but informative and entertaining.Confidence /desperation ,road records,defence are staples in betting the spread.

  8. Hey Leftkoe, take your traveling time zone statistics and SHOVE THEM UP YOUR REAR! You freaking talked me out of taking the Chargers Def vs the Bills in week 2 with that horse piss. Never again. NEVER again. The fuck do statistics like that even mean. Maybe the West Coast team had a Pro Bowl QB all 10 times and the Central Time Zone team had a backup QB. 10-0, like that means something…. Jesus H. Christ. You have me wondering why I'm even listening anymore.

  9. This weekly podcast has given me hope for football analysis at the biggest stage. The Mothership Network in Connecticut has regressed to sensationalism and watered down talking points.

    I love your in depth analysis, the questions posed to CS, and the explanations and examples. To your entire staff, keep up the great work!


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