Sat. Jan 19th, 2019

NFL rumors: Eli Manning Trade To Jaguars, Derek Carr Injury & Bills are not acting LeSean McCoy Live Stream

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Cam Rogers interrupts key messages and rumors, including the question of whether the Giants would trade Eli Manning with the Jaguars if the Bills had any plans to trade LeSean McCoy and the severity of Derek Carr's injury. Plus, injury updates for Calvin Ridley and Josh Allen. Meanwhile, the Steelers and Le Veon Bell still talked at all? The latest Steelers rumors indicate that Bell has yet to contact the Steelers.


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41 thoughts on “NFL rumors: Eli Manning Trade To Jaguars, Derek Carr Injury & Bills are not acting LeSean McCoy Live Stream

  1. Trade Karl. Only trade Cooper if u get a deal. I.e. another promising player or picks like Mack.
    We need more weapons. This line also falls apart with KO gone. Be patient raider nation. Gruden is not dumb. This still looks like the team that Del Rio let get out of hand at the end of last year.

  2. Jags should sign a one year show-me deal with…..wait for it……..Colin Kappernick. From a football perspective, would open up the offense with a "viable" running qb. A lot of draft day buzz was for Lamar Jackson, for the same reason. Kapp gives you that, saves you a Ton of Money and throws both the team and Jacksonville into the national spotlight. Just the "butt kick" that is called for here! Mr. Shad Khan is just the right man to pull it off. If this franchise truly has Super Bowl aspirations, it's time to "Put up or stay in the sticks"!

  3. 1 for yes, yes, yes! Listen what do we have to lose. Giants are not going anywhere this year in 2018. We need a fresh caliber QB that can go past and beyond the pocket. Another suggestion if they sit ELI then send KL for the remaining games. This way if KL doesn't do better then it's time to draft a QB period. On Sunday, I can now catch up on my bucket list. A Dios amigos!

  4. We should not trade for ELI…please no. Just tell Blake that he is not ah good QB he's some what okay at best. 🏃 tha ball more with Tj an Jamaal Charles 30 too 35 combine carries between the two. Make Blake throw the ball mayb 26 too 30 times a game. Play actions,boot legs and more screens for Dj Chark and Tj.

  5. They been trade rumors to Jacksonville ever since coughlin went there which is still silly because why would the organization take a clearly declining old QB,even over blake?its not an UPGRADE and wont ever rarely if ever c starting QB's traded in the NFL

  6. And if eli went to the Jags, theyd just b worse with him, the giants offense should b elite but eli manning is holding them back, the jags offense with a good QB is average, eli would make them get shut out for liek 10 straight games

  7. Been waiting for eli to go to jags I will have a new team to root for till eli retires and hopefully can return a new york football giants fan and not the new york odell's

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