Sat. Jan 19th, 2019

NFL rumors: Derek Carr Trade, Dez Bryant to Cowboys & Latest on Le Veon Bell's return to Steelers Live Stream

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Cam Rogers takes you through the latest news and rumors of the NFL, where Devonta Freeman is likely to go to IR, calls John Mara Odell Beckham Jr. and the latest craze about the future of Derek Carr with the Oakland Raiders. argues that the Giants should sign or trade for Derek Carr to replace Eli Manning. And could Josh Allen be out for several weeks? Would Dez Bryant get together with the Dallas Cowboys?

Cam also breaks the last situation of Le Veon Bell. Bell has reportedly never even talked to the Steelers. Could he return to the Cleveland Browns in time for the Steelers Week 8 match on October 22?

Watch the video to read the full breakdown of the latest NFL news and rumors you need to know!


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45 thoughts on “NFL rumors: Derek Carr Trade, Dez Bryant to Cowboys & Latest on Le Veon Bell's return to Steelers Live Stream

  1. Dez return from his foot surgery in 2015, Ppl seems to forget about that and during the season of 2015 he lost his father. Yes, I would sign him bc He has strength and go get it attitude that challenge other players. Yes, I would love to have someone like him on my team🏈

  2. Cambo (like Rambo) have you noticed how much injuries and bad calls influence the league?…Okay anyway about Carr, the Raiders could deal him and take the Q B from Oregon….We'll see

  3. I am Raiders fan and honestly to the Raider Organization and to Mark Davis, Jon gruden don't trade Derek Carr keep him because you can't blame him for the o line performance the team performance and the staff performance everyone is too blame because of the organization performance. You trade Mack understandable somewhat… But you don't trade a player for bad or good years you trade when you Know it right and right now isn't the best time to trade have some faith in your team not scrutinized it.

  4. NYG shoud have a QB. Saquon Barkley is good…but why didn't they draft a pocket passer? Eli IS NOT the long term answer at QB. I like him, seems like a nice guy…but maybe he should ride off into the sunset and move forward.

  5. the Buffalo Bills should have never traded AJ McCarron, the one time he played a full game as a starter for the Bengals was a playoff game and he won it . And he looked a hell lot better than Andy Dalton ever did. The bills were fools for trading McCarran to the Raiders cuz now it's Josh Allen out who they going to turn to Derek Anderson the career journeyman Nathan Peterman the interception King. That's why the bills always suck cuz they never make the Right Moves. I mean there's no reason for the Raiders to trade d.carr ,all they need to do is sit his ass on the bench and start AJ McCarron you want to see a. Cooper get some production. There you go

  6. I say swap Garrett and Dak for Gruden and Carr then you can bring back Dez because Dak has never proven he can stretch the field. I don't think it's a coincidence that Dez's numbers suddenly dropped once Dak started for the Cowboys

  7. I do believe Derek Carr will be TRADED to the New York Giants. They'll give up 2 1st Round Picks for him. gruden will take back eli manning in a deal to match salaries. Gruden will start Eli for the next 2 years. I also believe Amari Cooper will go to green bay for 1 1st Round Pick this year. Marshawn lynch will get traded to the Eagles for depth for a 5th round conditional pick. the raiders will then have 4 1sts this year 4 1sts next year. all of which they can move and package to get Tua and land Bosa this year.

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