Sat. Jan 19th, 2019

NFL Power Rankings Reaction Show: Much Exercise in Top 5 | NFL Network Live Stream

NFL Network Elliot Harrison, Dan Hellie and James Jones break the seventh week power ranking for the 2018 season.

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32 thoughts on “NFL Power Rankings Reaction Show: Much Exercise in Top 5 | NFL Network Live Stream

  1. I’m a Dolphins fan and I’m cool with the 19 ranking. Not cuz I think we’re the 19th best team in the NFL but because then teams will overlook us and it will be that much sweeter when we’re in the playoffs and in the top 10 of power rankings. We’ve been mauled by injuries but I’m not making excuses. I’m simply saying we’re 4-2 and the next few games we have are home vs Detroit, @ Houston, home vs NYJ, yes we play @ GB, but then @ the Colts, home vs the Bills, home vs NE (which is usually the game we win against NE). All I’m saying is that we could go into the bye at 7-3 with the Colts, Bills, Jets, and NE in Miami still on our schedule.

  2. If you're gonna look back to week 1 for the steelers go ahead and look back to week 5 for the ravens who lost to the browns but remain at 7. Man all these damn steeler haters need to see their way off the show.

  3. Maybe there are other dolphin comments, not sure, but like…. 4-2 and at 19th? Had they not choked against Bengals in 4th that 5-1 would be good enough to be the first seed in the afc. I get noone buys em, but a shutdown pass defense, hard to scheme against and varied offense. They got more than enough going for em. Besides that the other lowest 4 win team is at 10. Im not saying crown em, but he'll no lower than 13th

  4. Yea rite james jones. Dont try your lying ass bullshit. We no y you said bengals are better than steelers. A penalty and they should of lost. The game should not even of been a game. 500 yards to 250. So shut your lying hating mouth. Its funny how you believe the pats but they are basically in the same boat

  5. Listen to him. Every team he hates says they got dominated. Texans didnt dominate the cowboys. Jags didnt dominate the steelers in playoffs. Steelers had over 500 yards and ben had 5 shut up jones. Dont have him on here again

  6. Every year i like to make my predictions around this point on were teams will be in top 5 by years end. I always say u dont no who a team is until week 7 or 8 because every year teams struggles and teams look better than they actually are. So with that said it looks like thats the case again this year. In no particular order i have the top five teams being rams steelers pats vikings jags. Like i said no particular order. There are a few teams that can be in here but they need to show me something first. Chiefs need to show that they can stop a high school team. Im sorry but giving up 35 40 points a game wont end well in a hole season. Ravens and chargers can find them selves in there as well. Notice how afc is stocked with power

  7. By the way james jones. Do ure self a favor and try and be professional about your picks. We arent stupid. We no you are talking from your hate instead of the reality. By the way u picked jags to go 4 and 0 in the next 4 games but i believe they lost the very first game.

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