Sat. Jan 19th, 2019

NFL owners worried that chargers are not in L.A. | will take out of the lines Live Stream

Jason Reid of The Undefeated arrives at Outside the Lines to discuss reports that NFL owners are worried about the Chargers' earnings in Los Angeles.

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44 thoughts on “NFL owners worried that chargers are not in L.A. | will take out of the lines Live Stream

  1. It cost the Chargers $645million in fees to move to LA and it is NOT WORKING…the Spanos family is a bunch of LOSERS who sit back and collect welfare from cities and NFL checks…they have never accomplished ANYTHING!!! They have reaped what they have sowed…I love it when the truly greedy and dishonest get punished…

  2. Doesn't matter if its sustainable or not, they are locked in a 20 year lease. Sucks to be a Chargers player or fan right now. It will be hilarious to see them clinch homefield advantage in the playoffs as that will be the weirdest shit ever, just imagine the AFC championship game in Stubhub where 20,000 of the 26,000 fans are wearing the colors of the opposing team. It just boggles the mind. I've been a Charger fan for decades and despite living in Anaheim I was strongly against them moving up to LA. Yes, they were making some inroads in the LA area in term of fan support, slowly beginning to chip away at the silver and black there, but that was before the Rams moved back. Then they basically shitted on their San Diego fans. So who did they think was going to continue to support the team? Its just a complete mess and honestly, quite unfair to the players and coaches as they are basically having to win 16 road games each year in the one sport where a fanbase actually has a measurable impact on the results of a game.

  3. The Chargers basically screwed San Diego and burned their bridges with southern California when they moved to LA. Now they're reaping what they sowed. Good. To date, commentators are still accidentally calling them the San Diego Chargers.

  4. Chargers will not win over Los Angeles, but does it really matter? I personally won't drop everything and pick a different team to root for.
    The NFL should step in… get these owners out of the league once and for all. Do something quickly before that land in mission valley is used for something else. I won't be alive in 2040.

  5. Ain't this some 🐂💩? The NFL owners should have addressed their concerns ' BEFORE' they relocated to LA. Now, if the Chargers make it to the Super bowl and win? Then all is well, right? 🤔

  6. It’s only the 2nd year. NFL has unrealistic expectations if they thought PSL sales would skyrocket for a violent sport in a Progressive-minded city. Unless this is ESPN creating a filler segment.

  7. This report is ridiculous. It's a disrespect to the fans who are showing up and supporting. Negative reports delivers negative outcome. Let's see the analysis of growth versus decline and you'll gain more support. Fyi its only a matter of time till those blecher are filled in blues as long as the chargers keeps doing what theyr doing things will pan out.

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