Tue. Dec 18th, 2018

NFL Live Predicts 2018 NFL Week 4 Game Every Year | ESPN Live Stream

NFL Live's Tedy Bruschi and Darren Woodson will be playing Sunday and Monday Night Football in the 4th week of the 2018 NFL season.

0:00 Bengal against hawks
0:32 Buccaneers against bears
1:18 Lions against cowboys
1:58 Buffalo against Green Bay
2:36 Eagles vs Titans
3:21 Texans vs Colts
4:05 dolphins against patriots
4:46 Jets vs. Jaguars
5:32 Brown vs Raiders
6:20 Seattle against Arizona
6:57 saints against giants
7:42 49ers vs Chargers
8:23 Ravens vs. Steelers
9:09 Kansas City against Denver

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29 thoughts on “NFL Live Predicts 2018 NFL Week 4 Game Every Year | ESPN Live Stream

  1. man i really do hope dolphins keep the good work up . that said, against a patriot team that has its back to the wall on home turf in a must win situation , this will be a test . not a final exam more like a pop quiz but still a crucial game . lets go phins!!!

  2. The so-called analysts on Monday Night Football are awful. Jason Whitten has nothing to say while Booger McFarland can't keep his mouth shut. Whitten neeeds be to back with the Cowboys while McFarland needs to find a career anywhere else besides on national TV. When I watch Monday Night Football it will be with the sound turned off because they really are stinking up the tube.

  3. Both of you fucks are wrong for the bengals losing to falcons…please get off of Matt Ryans balloon knot,
    Both right on bears beating buccs,
    split on cowboys and lions…teddy is a homer for that fat coach fuck him,
    right on packers on bills..lucky fucks,
    both are wrong on the eagles…wtf do u2 know cocksuckers?
    Split on texans and colts…darren woodson..ur an idiot,
    right on Pats…sucking Bill's cock,
    right on the Jags…no brainer…exclusive insight on that one…not!
    Darren shows wiseness on raiders…teddy is sucking bakers cock,
    seattle…no shit…dumb fucks, Darren is right on the Saints and so is Teddy, wow im suprised they didnt tongue dart Odell's Asshole and pick the giants.

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