Sun. Dec 16th, 2018

NFL Clarifies Roughing The Passer Penalty | Latest NFL News Live Stream

NFL Clarifies Roughing The Passer Penalty | Latest NFL News

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4 thoughts on “NFL Clarifies Roughing The Passer Penalty | Latest NFL News Live Stream

  1. I’m against protecting QBs a level above any other player. In the good old days, knocking the QB out the game was a major accomplishment for any defense. Now we’re pretending like we don’t want to hurt anyone. This is football. Legislating the physicality out of the game is a slippery slope to hell. The more they do it, the more fans they’ll lose. I grew up idolizing the brutes like John Matuszak, Jack Lambert, and later loved the dirty bastards like Bruschi and Romanowski. No room in the game for warriors like those anymore. They looked at opponents like bitter enemies. The guys these days are slapping their opponents on the ass and hugging after games and shit. Unless it’s a rivalry like Pittsburgh and Baltimore, you’d think they were all good buddies off the field. Football is dying a slow and sad death.

  2. This is why I dont watch NFL football anymore. They want to protect players in a violent game. They ruined the game and its not watchable anymore. Too many penalties.

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