Sun. Dec 16th, 2018

Everyone Josh Rosen plays in NFL debut Live Stream

Take a look at the highlights of Josh Rosen, who beat Chicago in Week 3. The Chicago Bears compete against the Arizona Cardinals in the third week of the 2018 NFL season.

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47 thoughts on “Everyone Josh Rosen plays in NFL debut Live Stream

  1. He looked good he was thrown in the hardest position to be thrown in for the first time and he showed he wasn’t afraid of the moment .. wasn’t his fault the cards have horrible play calling and didn’t go to him way earlier in the game . He needs to start the rest of the season along with a new OC

  2. Well I was hoping they would sit him a year. The team is terrible. Been a cardinal fan since 92 and I’ve watched the Cardinal never build around a QB. I’ve watched them ruin quite a few. That was a terrible way to throw a young QB in there. I like coach wilks but I wonder if they go 0-16 or like 2-14 will they look for another coach… I’m not going to lie a first pick in the draft is the only thing I’m excited about .

  3. Rosen's coaches really set him up to fail. Instead of naming him the starter and giving him the full week to practice to get ready for a very tough CHI defense, he gets thrown in down by 2 with four minutes left with the game on the line.
    Now he's got a week of stupid lazy hot taks that Mayfield led hius team to a win whe Mayfield got one half and Rosen got one drive.

  4. some People only understand stats nowadays… a pick on 4th down is no worse (in this case better) than an incompletion unless it's returned for a gain past the line of scrimmage I don't see why people don't understand this.

  5. I think Rosen looked pretty good considering the circumstances. Down by 2, Bears front 7, the crowd on their feet, and being a rookie. He made quick decisions. With all that said, I think the head coach is psycho for throwing the rookie out there to pretty much get the worst of it all. BUT Rosen did well. I think he's gonna be alright.

  6. Bradford…Rosen…doesn't matter when you have the terminal retard McCoy making the calls, he benches his best player in a crucial play to have a teaching moment? Fire that entire staff.

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