Fri. Sep 21st, 2018

Cincinnati Bengals 2018 NFL Season Preview: More Marvin Lewis! Live Stream

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12 thoughts on “Cincinnati Bengals 2018 NFL Season Preview: More Marvin Lewis! Live Stream

  1. I'm excited for the Bengals. They have great players at key positions, but they've also allowed other spots to deteriorate into nothingness (LB, Oline, Head Coach). I think we're past the rebuilding stage and we will have a fast defense to make up for any growing pains in the offense. I could see us sliding into the wild card again if 80% of the team lives up to their potential, especially since the Browns are still the Browns and the Ravens are sliding head first into the last place spot of the division. This first game will tell me what I need because we're playing against a sloppy defense and a recovering, but elite, QB. Who Dey!

    Predictions: AJ Green 1200 yards and 10 TDs, Joe Mixon isn't a true bell cow, but he and Gio combined have 2000+ scrimmage yards (thanks in large part to receiving rather than running), Lawson has another 8.5 sack season, Geno Atkins has 10 sacks, and Eifert plays five whole games. I also think William Jackson III either regresses drastically from last season's amazing performance or becomes a straight lock down corner. I haven't decided on him yet.

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