Sun. Nov 18th, 2018

Cardinals Vs. 49ers week 5 highlights | NFL 2018 Live Stream

The Arizona Cardinals take on the San Francisco 49ers during the 5th week of the 2018 NFL season.

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32 thoughts on “Cardinals Vs. 49ers week 5 highlights | NFL 2018 Live Stream

  1. this is one of the most embarrassment loss for the 49ers. if you look at the stats. the 49ers crushed against the Cardinals and still lost. 5 turnovers in a game and some in the red zone. even with out Jimmy.G and star running back out. even Goodwin injury and Matt Breida as well. I was really rooting for Breida. I didn't know why they got another running back. but with all those people injuries. they still could won the game and there defense played awesome. they need to be working on holding on the ball and execute the plays. every team suffer a really bad loss, that's just part of the game. but what really matters is how you respond to the loss. are you put your head down and just give the rest of the season. that the rams r undefeated and looking the best team in NFL. and plus our starters is out for the season. this this point of time, this shows your character, its really easy when things are going great. but what happen wihen are not going your way. it will show your true character. I believe C.J Beathard can lead this team. so please 49ers go work hard, learn the mistakes and watch films and practice so hard. the 49ers fans are with you no matter what. how great it would be that 49ers who lost some of the starters and the media are writing them off. turn it around and show the rest of NFL, they aint going to lay down for anybody will fight for ever inch they get. that would be a great story to tell.

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  3. 2:37 watch Beathard run down Patrick Peterson saving a defense touchdown. Thatโ€™s some awareness never gave up on the play even after he handed the ball off

  4. Think about this someone actually watched the Broncos offense last year (yes the one with Siemien and Osweiller) and thought to themselves man I want that Offensive Coordinator. The Broncos fired Mccoy in November because he is incompetent and yet the cardinals somehow hired him.

    Such a joke, Arizona should have won this game by 28 points, if your defense gets 5 turnovers the game should not be close in the 4th quarter.

  5. Alwanys a good day when SF loses. Ive not liked them since they crapped all over joe Montana. They gave up on a man that gave them 4 superbowls. You dont turn your back on soneone that has done something like that for you. No matter who is sitting on the bench waiting their turn to play

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