Sat. Jan 19th, 2019

Bills vs. Colts Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2018 Live Stream

The Buffalo Bills will face the Indianapolis Colts in the seventh week of the 2018 NFL season.

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22 thoughts on “Bills vs. Colts Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2018 Live Stream

  1. Next time you go by a cemetery, look for all the flags. They do not STAND for the NFL, but Americas FREEDOM. Why promote overpaid, unpatriotic, thugs who care more about the $ you're giving them (via support), than they do about America, or those who fought/died to play this game? You recall its just a "game" right..throwing, kicking, catching a "ball" right? No one's saving a life/protecting people here as a doctor, fireman, police officer, or a SOLDIER would!  Call Aaron Rogers next time you need help.

  2. I didn't know Derek Anderson was still in the league lol. Back up qb is the best job in the world you get job security and a long career UNTIL you have to start and ppl remember that your trash.

  3. If you are a doer, then you get the job done…. if you can't get the job done, then you are a doer-not….. If you are of Irish decent and you cannot get the job done, then you are a McDoernott….. FIRE the so-called coach!!!! McDermott = McDoernott …. How embarrassing …. in most of these games the teams are no-where near prepared …. he is not a good coach (at all)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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