Fri. Sep 21st, 2018

Baltimore Ravens 2018 NFL Season Preview: Flacco & # 39; s latest stand? Live Stream

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8 thoughts on “Baltimore Ravens 2018 NFL Season Preview: Flacco & # 39; s latest stand? Live Stream

  1. Flacco will be released after this season. With that said, he could still be with the team next season and restructure his contract. I think Flacco will have a good season because he finally has some weapons he can use.

  2. All I hear this week is Ravens fans & mefia talking shit about the Bills.
    That's fine, but what about the Raven's?
    Talk all you want, your lousy team wasn't good enough to make the playoffs yet you keep bashing a team that did go to the playoffs, while in FULL REBUILD MODE with a terrible QB & all new coaches & systems. lol
    So lets hear why your so called Great Ravens team sat home watching Buffalo play last year.
    Not one of you little Franklintown crackheads has the balls to tell me why your precious Ravens didn't make the ppkayoff, but you talk shit about teams that did?
    like I said, you scumb bag crackheads in Baltimore don't know a football from a bowling ball

  3. I respect your opinions but as a Ravens fan I disagree on a few.. Last year we were one play away from the playoffs with a unhealthy quarterback and overall team.. There were some thing like 20 players on IR by the end of the season and like 7 or 8 before the season started. This included some key players for this team, we had a make shift o line, zero receivers and a starting qb with a back injury and still almost made the playoffs.. I think this is a playoff team if they remain healthy, Joe looks really good and seems to have developed chemistry with his wideouts.
    10-6 first wild card..

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