Sat. Jan 19th, 2019

10 NFL game winning games that were not counted anyway Live Stream

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Every footballer dreams of making it to the NFL and winning a game that wins the game.

However, there are few feelings when returning as a player to be recalled. Whether it is a punishment, a time-out or a wrong decision of the official, nothing burns more than if a game winner does not count.

Today we present 10 NFL games that were not counted.

And a big thank you to Peter Donegan for suggesting this video!

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47 thoughts on “10 NFL game winning games that were not counted anyway Live Stream

  1. It wasn't a game winning play, but I remember the 1979 AFC championship game between the Houston Oilers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, when the score was 17-10 in the third and Oilers had the chance to tie the game but the officials ruled an incomplete pass to Mike Renfro in the end zone, when it was clear that he did catch the ball.

  2. On the Antonio Brown play, there was an illegal forward pass. It should have ended there. That penalty was not called and It is clear as day when it happened. The Foul happened about 30 yards before his run.. They kept showing it on the replay. This should not even be posted as a top 10..

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