Fri. Oct 19th, 2018

Browns played Callaway extensively vs. Giants as disciplinary action

Leave it to Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson to unleash one of the most unorthodox punishments in recent memory.

Jackson revealed that he played rookie wide receiver Antonio Callaway extensively Thursday against the New York Giants as a disciplinary action. Callaway was cited for marijuana possession, while police also found bullets and a gun strap in his vehicle.

Although most teams would elect to sit or suspend their players for a similar incident, Jackson thought otherwise.

"That was part of the consequence of what he has been through, and he knows it. That is what it was. Either you sit him or make him play. I thought it was better to make him play," Jackson said Sunday to ESPN.

"Make him play as long as he could. There were a couple of times he kept waving to come out, and we said, 'No, stay in.'"

Callaway caught three passes for 87 yards, including a 54-yard touchdown from Baker Mayfield.

"I was trying to make him play the whole game if we could," Jackson said. "I did not want him to come out."

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