Sun. Dec 16th, 2018

Browns’ Haley: Things are ‘all good’ with Snoop Dogg after past feud

Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Todd Haley and rapper Snoop Dogg have settled their beef.

Haley confirmed the two are on good terms after Snoop stopped by Browns practice Wednesday.

"I got to make sure that he and I were all good," Haley joked, according to Dan Labbe of "We had a couple of rough years there."

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In 2014, Snoop posted a profanity-filled video on Instagram calling for Haley - then employed by the Pittsburgh Steelers - to be fired.

"Man, the Pittsburgh Steelers need a new f---ing offensive coordinator. This guy sucks," Snoop said in the video. "Coach (Mike) Tomlin, this is Snoop Dogg, man. Fire that motherf---er and get us a real offensive coordinator. We ain't won a playoff game since we had this motherf---er."

But that's all water under the bridge now.

"Him being out there and saying that he is a part of the Dawg Pound, we are good now," Haley said. "I can go back to listening to West Coast rap."

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