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Utah Jazz vs. OKC Thunder – Full Game Highlights | Game 2 | April 18, 2018 | NBA playoffs

– Full Game Highlights | April 18, 2018, April 18

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44 thoughts on “Utah Jazz vs. OKC Thunder – Full Game Highlights | Game 2 | April 18, 2018 | NBA playoffs

  1. That rookie # 45 got GAME!!! That was a naaaassstyyyy spin cycle move he pulled driving full force and picking up his dribbleΒ  by the free throw line…….Utah plays old school team ball, they are the best passing team in the NBA…….good to see old school ball instead of show boating one on one routine.

  2. correct me if im wrong why in regular season a lot of players gets a lot of triple double like simmons,westbrook,harden and gianis but when playoffs come they cant do it anymore why because they padding their stats the team they are playing with does not need them to get it and they cant stat pad no more because playoffs is a different atmosphere except one guy lebron james can still get a triple double why because his team needs every single stats he gets points,rebounds and assist..

  3. Let me make a prediction. If Utah makes it to the semi we are going to have one of those one sided refereeing again. I'm guessing it won't be good for ratings if utah makes it to the final.

  4. Okc I don't even know what you were thinking giving up Oladipo for a bum fatass old ass Melo. He's averaging the same points as Oladipo did but on worse percentage.
    Melo so shit, he hasn't evolved his game and has never worked to do so. Has stayed the same his whole career, ISO ISO ISO. And then he acts as if he's all that

  5. Russ is loosing games for okc instead of winning them. He has gotten such an arrogance like he is just an aversge players 8-21 or 12-29 shooting. This is the diff btween KD and russ. KD is a superstar and russ is an overrated mvp

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