Tue. Dec 18th, 2018

The top five NBA coaches are heading for the 2018-19 season.

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The head coaching of the NBA is in a great location, with several young coaches now outstripping the ranks and still have the common name at the top of the game. We broke top coaches in the NBA. I also gave them new names that people might not expect. We discuss the gap between Gregg Popovic and Brad Stevens and when he can get the best spot. We will discuss how Coach of the Year winner Dwane Casey will be on our list! Host Harris Rubenstein will experience it all! Find out!

Overall rankings are:
# 5 Steve Kerr
# 4 Quin Snyder
# 3 Dwane Casey
# 2 Brad Stevens
# 1 Gregg Popovich

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31 thoughts on “The top five NBA coaches are heading for the 2018-19 season.

  1. I disagree with the comment that Steve Kerr unlocked Steph curry as a player. Even Steph himself said Mark Jackson had everything to do with his development. That man should still be top five as a coach in my opinion.

  2. If danantoni is not there then kerr shouldnt be. They are in the same boat. You said If you take away harden and cp, then what? Id u take away curry kd klay and dre. Then what. Be consistent. Both on or both off the list. And danantoni did better with less high powered talent. Think about it

  3. Gregg Popovich vs Brad Stevens is like Michael Jordan vs LeBron James. One is more accomplished, but the other is simply more talented as an all-around force in his position. Brad Stevens has mastered literally every single aspect of NBA head coaching, from building a culture, to establishing the #1 defense, to crafting an elite offensive system, to running brilliant ATO plays, to maximizing every player's potential (Avery Bradley, Isaiah Thomas, Kelly Olynyk, Jared Sullinger, Marcus Smart, the list goes on). When it's all said and done, Brad Stevens will be the greatest coach in NBA history, and he'll have multiple rings to show for it.

  4. Mike d’antoni should be in the top 5. The Rockets were a good defensive team and had one of the best offensive season of all time and almost eclipsed possibly the best team ever in the warriors. I don’t see how Dwayne Casey , a coach that has had little to zero success in the playoffs.

  5. No way is Dwayne Casey a better coach than Steve Kerr. He's a good coach but not great. He let the Raptors slide back into old habits every time it mattered and he just couldn't match the in game adjustments of other coaches. Especially Brad Stevens. Raps are my team and I'm not sad to see him gone.

  6. Kerr shouldn't be in the top 5. D'Antoni badly outcoached him in that series. Golden State only survived because their roster is so ridiculously stacked and Chris Paul got hurt.

    Not sure it's fair to ding Carlisle for the Mavs record considering Mark Cuban got fined for basically admitting they were tanking.

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