Mon. Jan 21st, 2019

Miami Heat vs. Philadelphia Sixers Full Game Highlights / Game 5 of 2018 NBA Playoffs

🏀Miami Heat vs Philadelphia Sixers Full Game Highlights / Match 5

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46 thoughts on “Miami Heat vs. Philadelphia Sixers Full Game Highlights / Game 5 of 2018 NBA Playoffs

  1. Look at Wade after the games, even though it’s a physical series. Dwayne Wade congratulated the Sixers. Unlike the Cheatriots QB Brady have no sportsmanship in the Super Bowl to congratulate the Eagles.

    I hope we face the Boston cheatriots next so we can give them another beat down.

  2. Miami was trying their hardest to injure Ben Simmons and Embiid. They also tried hurting a few other players like Reddick. Going to the face, undercutting Ben simmons right in front of the ref. That should of been a flagrant and the scrub should of been ejected but "nah" nothing happened. This whole series was 8 on 5 and is it because we tanked? Does the lg wanna prove a point? It's too obvious what happen in that series. It's a disgrace the lg didn't do anything and Miami just continued every way to try to injure are players for the season. One of the dirtiest teams in league history… but we still won lol -_-

  3. Get ready for all these bandwagaon sixers fan's to come out of their Moms basements. Last few years nobody came to sixers games now you see all the trolls coming out.

  4. I'm glad Philadelphia beat Miami. I picked them to beat Miami. Dwayne Wade needs to retire LOL. He's not gonna win anymore championships with Miami. His career is done. I bet he's gonna come back next season LOL. It's sad that so many old basketball players don't know when to retire LOL. I'm sure Dwayne has plenty of money to retire. He's gonna get a retirement check. So there's no need to keep playing basketball. I'm disappointed Hassan Whiteside didn't do much for Miami. Coach Erik Spoelstra for some reason didn't play Hassan a lot of minutes against Philadelphia. He's a better player than Kelly Olynyk. I saw James Johnson of Miami wearing yellow shoes LOL. What a joke. Philadelphia has to play the winner of Boston and Milwaukee. I think they're gonna play Boston.

  5. 6:04 Back me up. This is a travel. Left foot is pivot foot. He jumps of right foot towards basket picking up his left foot first. I would never attempt this in a game. It's not natural. I'm still glad sixers won to see how far they will get.

  6. i am a bucks fan but celtic can you give us a series i mean wat till next year when ya are heathy and the bucks and celtics can woop cleveland. I know about the past rivalry between us and the celtics fans but aint ya celtics fans tired of diaria pants baby james i mean i saw lebron poop his pants on tv. By the way good luck to celtics. If you win beat the cavs are the sixers. may the best team win. bucks and celts favorite teams.

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