Sun. Dec 16th, 2018

Golden State Warriors vs. Houston Rockets Full Game Highlights / Match 1/2018 NBA Playoffs

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🏀 Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets Full Event Highlights / Match 1 / Western Conference Finals / 2018 NBA Playoffs

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50 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs. Houston Rockets Full Game Highlights / Match 1/2018 NBA Playoffs

  1. so Thompson goes from 28 points in game 1 to 8 in game 2? And steph missing shots he eats for breakfast all the time? I dunno, i smell a rat, sometimes i wonder what goes on behind the scenes with the NBA, its all about money

  2. Rockets explode beyond d galaxy… and d Golden state are not real warriors… bt KD & d company promise to dismantle d rockets d next flight @ there own airport …

  3. Warriors needs to go after Harden and roast him exactly as they go after Curry. Simple as that. In that case ,Rockets would just fell apart. They did that like 70 % in game 3. They need to go 100 % on roasting Harden. When he's out, do the same thing to CP.

  4. I know the Knicks big mad about the Warriors literally snatching Steph Curry in the 2009 draft from them. OKC got to be super mad about letting BOTH Durant and Harden walk away

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