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Detroit Pistons vs. Brooklyn Nets Full Game Highlights | 10.31.2018, NBA season

Pistons vs. Nets Game Full View | 10.31.2018

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36 thoughts on “Detroit Pistons vs. Brooklyn Nets Full Game Highlights | 10.31.2018, NBA season

  1. Blake Griffin said. “On those little things, they come back to bite you and each game was decided by such a small margin — we’ve got to be better.” ……..TRANSLATION: Reggie EBOLA Jackson's CONSISTENT BALL HOGGING, POOR DEFENSE/TURNOVERS, and no care for ball possessions (as evidenced by lots of crazy, missed shots/lay ups etc.)- have got to go (RELEASE Reggie Jackson now- we all know he has ZERO trade value!!!!! POS

  2. Boys, let's be honest right here. Dinwiddie is one of the most clutch ass players when it comes down to crunch time when he's actually allowed to play. It's like he doesn't miss at ALL in crunch time. Last year when he was playing I also had no words for him making every single clutch bucket for the Nets. But this was just on another LEVEL like bro, those 3's were almost all contested and 1 was a fading 3 from China, like bro. GG.

  3. Nets are quiet far from the joke they were before, they are serious, but still the west is other league right now. Griffin and company were playing really good but nets are surprising them selves and thats great. Finally NY got basketball to watch.

  4. You just kind of felt how this was going to end..Blake and Andre can keep the team close..but they have no one to push them iver the edge in close games..sorry its definitely not Reggie Jackson..maybe they have it in Evans or lofton..surely it's none of the current pistons….

  5. Going to be a long season for Blake if he stays healthy.
    All the best Pistons are scattered throughout the league. Thanks to SVG, a good draft pick is in line.
    SVG's performance was deplorable. Leaving the was the best thing he did for them. It's a new day.

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