Tue. Dec 18th, 2018

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Philadelphia Six Rush – All Game Highlights | April 6, 2018 | NBA 2017-18

Cleveland Cavus vs Philadelphia 76ers – Full Game Highlights | April 6, 4/6

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50 thoughts on “Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Philadelphia Six Rush – All Game Highlights | April 6, 2018 | NBA 2017-18

  1. Ben was having his way with the Cavs then LeBron got mad and had to show him he still the king and Ben is just the prince lol the prince won the game but man it was a hell of a good game….

  2. Cavs will win the ECF finals no one can beat lebron on Eastern and cavs will be the2018 nba champions.
    The only problem on cavs is Trash clueless they are better without him and also better if they didn't have coach than having trash clueless

  3. If cavs dont fire trash clueless and trade trash thompson, It is better if Lebron should go to spurs or Philadelphia and retire there than having a trash coach that can't coach and rely on lebron's play.

  4. 30 point comeback. I remember in the chat people were saying "It's over". People saying "Lechoke" but he dropped 44 11 n 11, what else can he do? Drop 50 20 n 20? Wtf??? He's not the greatest free throw shooter so of course he's gonna miss.
    🙂 :d (y)

  5. I'll bet Sixers fan in here $100 on a cavs Sixers series. Philly has a great young team that will surely dominate for years to come. He'll if they stay together that is the team that will rule the east for a long time after LeBron leaves…buy while LeBron is still playing at this level it's his conference sorry. He won't be denied the finals this year

  6. The only takeaway from this game is that lebron is fucking ridiculous, I mean Jesus Christ this dude is shooting deep ass threes like he’s Steph while dunking on people left and right, and Ben Simmons and this sizers crew is up and coming, bright future but Simmons needs to learn to shoot

  7. dudes really out here saying LeChoke cause he missed a free throw that possibly could've won them the game. however, they "miss" the fact that LeBron played hard to make the game even close from a "30" point deficit. I swear there are so many people that hate on this dude. I bet if he gets killed they would still call him Lechoke for that and not Goat for what he's doing in his 15th season. #LebronHaters 🤦

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