Mon. Jan 21st, 2019

Brooklyn Nets vs. Detroit Piston – Full Game Highlights | October 31, 2018 | NBA 2018-19

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32 thoughts on “Brooklyn Nets vs. Detroit Piston – Full Game Highlights | October 31, 2018 | NBA 2018-19

  1. THANK you REGGIE Ebola JACKSON for SINGLE HANDEDLY letting the game slip away from the Pistons in OVERTIME you UGLY, disease looking infested (ebola) POS waste of space!!!!!… SHITTY play is forcing BLAKE GRIFFIN to play like SUPERMAN again to make up for your BALL HOG/BAD choices- I really hope BLAKE beats the shiet outta your 100lbs arse in the locker room one of these days!!!!

  2. Detroit needs a cp3 it can be found in what they have they just need to want to improve perimiter shots and unforced pullups turn overs is their kryptonite and forced shots.i could only go right so i forced my practice a summer left and set shots.paxon price mullen craig hodges dribbling thomas cheeks duhmars rebounds rodman drop step dantley and gerald wilkins when 89 season started for me in canada i was a must want it.

  3. "I had Dre (Andre Drummond). They had been telling me to drive, but you know it was like the Kermit thing where you've got hoodie Kermit telling you, 'Nah, shoot the step back three, so I was like, alright cool, let's do it."

    – Spencer Dinwiddie

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