Mon. Jan 21st, 2019

5 NBA Games NBA Highlights April 6, 2018

Cleveland Cavaliers 130- 132 Philadelphia 76ers
Charlotte Hornets 137- 100 Orlando Magic
Atlanta Hawks 103-97 Washington Wizards
Miami Heat 98- 122 New York Knicks
Chicago Bulls 104-111 Boston Celtics

April 6, 2018, Charlotte, Charlotte Hornets, Charlotte Hornets vs. Orlando Magic, Charlotte Hornets vs. Orlando Magic – April 6, Hornets, Magic, Orlando, Orlando Magic

76er, Apr 06, Cavaliers, Cleveland, Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Philadelphia 76er, Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Philadelphia 76er – Apr 06, Philadelphia, Philadelphia 76er

Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Hawks vs. Washington Wizards, Atlanta Hawks vs. Washington Wizards – April 06, Hawks, Washington, Washington Wizards, Wizard

Boston, Boston Celtics, Bulls, Celtics, Chicago, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bulls vs. Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls vs. Boston Celtics – April 2006


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